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Labor Day: Community Workout at 7:00am. Friends and family welcome!

All groups meet at Gazelles HQ at 7:00am. There are no other group workouts scheduled today. Strength & Core is canceled today.

Race-Specific Workouts:
Columbia Half Marathon: 3K at HMGP
Erie Marathon: 3K at MGP
Tunnel Light / Big Cottonwood Marathons: 10 Mile Super Fartlek
Buenos Aires Marathon: 8 Miles Easy
Berlin Marathon: Recovery 45-60min
St. George Marathon: 10 miles at MGP
Chicago Marathon: Easy run
30A Half Marathon (Florida): Easy run
Detroit Marathon: 8 miles at MGP
MCM / M2M Marathons: 45-60 min Recovery
NYC / Mt. Lemmon Marathons: 6 miles @ MGP
Richmond Marathon: 4-6 miles @ MGP

If your Saturday long run was more than 18 miles or 3 hours, do a recovery run instead of the Gazelle workout.

Earlier Event: September 1
8:30 am Yoga
Later Event: September 3
Circuit Workout