Gilbert Tuhabonye

Founder and Downtown Group Coach

When he started the Gazelles training group in 2002, Gilbert wanted to make a difference. He wanted to help change and enrich the lives of other runners, just as running had changed his own. For more than 15 years, he has helped hundreds of runners reach their goals—from completing a neighborhood 5K to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Gilbert is a natural leader and motivator. Growing up in Burundi, he instinctively took on a coaching role on his high school track team when his coaches were busy with other sports. His genuine enthusiasm for helping others is expressed in every workout as he generously shares his time and talent with each Gazelle. Gilbert and the rest of his coaching staff pledge to create a fun, supportive and healthy environment for runners of all abilities.

Gilbert’s amazing life story is well known across Austin and beyond. To learn more about how his life as a student and top athlete in Burundi turned into a horrifying fight for survival in a national genocide, click here.

Personal Bests:

  • 5K - 14:32

  • 10K - 31:33 Overall Champion 2002 (Austin, TX)

  • 10 miles - 50:50

  • 20K - 1:03:15

  • Half Marathon - 1:07:00

  • 30K - 1:39:00

  • Marathon - 2:22:07


Jay Clement.JPG

Jay Clement

Far West Coach

Jay Clement started running with the Gazelles in 2004. He started with the program to try out a fuller training program and never left. He happily hangs out with the “regular Gazelles,” leaving Boston (marathon) for the really speedy members of the herd. Nevertheless, he has run 19 marathons and scores of other races. He still has his eye on the Vancouver and Grandma’s marathons for future goals.

Jay covers many bases for the Gazelles as a utility player. He draws the course maps and creates the posts for the Saturday long runs. He and fellow coach, Kenny Hill, do most of the hydration detail duties for Saturday as well. He became our Far West coach in 2018, and is having fun with that group of runners.

In his other life, Jay teaches guitar and ukulele. He loves music, and usually goes through his days being reminded of song lyrics. His 'once-a-year band' has played for the Austin Marathon for the last 11 years, helping runners through their 26.2 mile journey.



Susan Rowe

Club Manager

Susan started running with the Gazelles in late 2016. She came to her first workout—a time-trial—with a beginner’s ability, a bit of apprehension, and lots of determination to improve her running. With Gilbert’s encouragement and the support from her fellow Gazelles, Susan kept coming back to practice and has been improving her race times consistently and with joy!

Susan’s career background is in graphic design, marketing and small business management. After helping the Gazelles with their new website and a few other marketing projects, she stepped into the role of club manager in 2018. As a “newer” Gazelle, she hopes to focus on welcoming new members and maintaining excellent customer service for this great community of runners.



Core/Strength/Yoga Leaders

Alex Pasadyn - M  5:30pm Core

Leslie Barclay - W  5:30pm Core

Richard Mendez - F  5:30am Core

Angie Stokes-Wickersham - Sun 8:30am Yoga