Training Groups

Gilbert's Gazelles training is designed to develop strength, speed and confidence in runners of all abilities, experience and goals. In our group you will learn proper running form, breathing techniques, training tips and how to keep your body injury-free. Most Gazelles like to train hard, but we also train smart and have fun.

We help you reach your goals. Our group supports all fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced runners, casual or competitive.

Gilbert's Gazelles

Most Gazelles join this group to maintain their fitness year around and to train for races of all distances, from 5Ks to marathons. This is a monthly membership and includes two weekday workouts, a Saturday long run and core and strength classes to keep you fit and ready for a race. Join at any time!

Half/Full Marathon Gazelles

This fixed-period membership is for runners with a specific race goal. Instead of paying monthly, this package gives you the option of a discounted one-time payment for a specific race date. Sign up for this membership package for 18-20 weeks of training for your big race. 

Saturday Gazelles

This is a monthly membership for runners who can only join a group for Saturday long runs. You will enjoy the benefits of a planned route of 3-24 miles, hydration stops and access to post-run physical therapy and strength workout. 

High School Gazelles

This group is for high school athletes motivated to take their training to higher levels for competition and team participation. This 8-week session will be held in June and July and will be led by Coach Gilbert. The group will be limited to 20 young adults.

Youth Gazelles 

Our youth training is for runners of all abilities in the 8-16 age range. You’ll learn the fundamentals of running and training in a supportive, motivational environment. Some of our young Gazelles run Track or Cross Country at school. Others just run for fun and fitness.

Youth Gazelles Summer Camp

This five-day camp is designed for young Gazelles in two age groups (8-12 and 13-16). Over the course of a week, campers will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience running with Gilbert, experiencing his joy and passion, and learning in a fun and motivating atmosphere. We limit the number of campers so every Gazelle will receive personal attention, so join now!

Personal Training

Realizing that group training is not for everyone, Gilbert offers personal training sessions for individual athletes. From beginners to elites, Gilbert's training approach will be personalized to your specific goals and schedule. Contact us for more information and scheduling.