Training Groups

Monthly Gazelles

This is a month-to-month membership to keep you fit and ready to race year around. This is our most popular membership because you can maintain fitness as well as receive customized training for races of all distances—5Ks to marathons.

Half/Full Marathon Gazelles

This fixed-period membership is for runners training for a specific distance race. The package provides customized training for the 18-20 weeks leading up to your specific race date.  

Destination Races

We select up to two races a year outside of Austin to rain for. Our training groups are larger and there are extra perks. See where we’re headed in 2019-2020 and make your plans early!

Intro to Gazelles

If you’ve never run before, or you’ve taken a really long break, this short session will jump-start your fitness and get you ready for one of our other training groups. Two days a week for one month and you’re on your way!

Saturday Gazelles

This is a monthly membership for runners looking for Saturday long runs with route support. You will join us for our planned routes of 3-24 miles, hydration stops and a big group of Gazelles to run with. This is not a coached membership.

Youth Gazelles 

Our ongoing youth training is for all abilities in the 8-16 age range. You’ll learn and practice the fundamentals of running and training in a supportive, motivational environment. Some of our young Gazelles run track or cross country at school. Others just run for fun and fitness.

Personal Training

If you want more focused instruction, Gilbert offers personal training sessions for individual athletes. Contact us for more information and scheduling.