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Gilbert's Gazelles has been training runners and other athletes in Austin, Texas since 2002. We serve everyone from kids to adults, beginners to elites, casual runners to competitors—5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.

Our group is unique because every member is trained by the founder, Olympian and All-American, Gilbert Tuhabonye. You will receive personal instruction while training within a group of runners at comparable pace and fitness levels. Gilbert's passion for coaching and running—and his amazing ability to know every Gazelle—will make you feel at home and inspire you to take your training to new levels.

Everyone is Welcome


Gilbert's Gazelles embraces anyone who wants to start a running program, to those already running some miles and races, and the experienced runners looking for a bigger challenge.

Training Includes:

  • Two weekday workouts—Workouts vary between hills, intervals, tempo/pace runs and strength-focused sessions, all typically lasting 60-70 minutes.

  • Saturday Long Run—Fully supported long runs start from Gazelles HQ every Saturday.

  • Core/Strength Class—three instructor-led classes throughout the week (optional)

  • Yoga—Sunday mornings (optional)


There are several workouts during the week you may attend. Choose alternating days that work for you, either M/W or T/TH and then add the Saturday long run.

Downtown at HQ/The Loop
M/W  5:30am or 7:00am
T/TH  5:30am*, 7:00am, 8:15am or 5:30pm

SAT  5:45am
*Advanced Runners

Far West (North Austin) at Ready to Run
M/W  5:30am

Youth Gazelles
M/W  5:30pm (8:00am in summer)


5:45 am  

Our coaches plan and map out specific long run routes from 3 to 24 miles. Water and Gatorade stations are placed along the routes to help with your hydration. Routes and maps are posted for members and also show water stops.


Downtown workouts and all Saturday runs meet at Gazelles HQ inside The Loop Running Supply retail store. Weekday workouts run a warmup from HQ to various workout locations—Austin High track, the Trail, Zilker Park and others.

We also have a group in North Austin (Far West) that meets at Ready to Run on M and W at 5:30am led by Coach Jay Clement.


One of the many benefits of being a Gazelle is access to Physical Therapists (PTs). We have practitioners from two PT offices who come to Gazelle workouts during the week to provide free injury assessments/evaluations. PTs who come to Gazelle workouts only evaluate and provide advice, they can not treat you without a prescription.


Gazelles offers free validated parking in the Gables Park Plaza garage (at HQ) during Gazelles workout times only.

For other workout locations, street parking is available. 

Gazelles Give Back

The Gazelle Foundation funds and builds clean water projects in Burundi, Africa. One of the poorest countries on earth, most people in rural Burundi walk over two miles for untreated water from streams and puddles, often shared with livestock. Through clean water projects, the Gazelle Foundation is offering a first step in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Burundi. Learn More


Thank you to all of our partners who support us and keep us running!


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