Welcome to Gilbert’s Gazelles

Below you will find the basic group information you need to begin your Gazelle journey. We're glad you're here!


There are several workouts during the week you may attend. Choose either M/W or T/TH and then add the Saturday long run. You may attend any times that work for your schedule. Workouts typically last 60-70 minutes.

M/W  5:30am or 7:00am
T/TH  5:30am*, 7:00am, 8:15am or 5:30pm

SAT  5:45am
*Advanced Runners

Far West (North Austin)
M/W  5:30am

Youth Gazelles
M/W  5:30pm

Using the Schedule

Our Training Schedule shows the workout and location for each day of the week. Always click on the day’s top workout link to see more detail, especially for race-specific runs.

A typical Gazelle week might look like this:

  • Workout 1: (M or T) Strength, hill work, or circuit training. These are challenging workouts designed to build strength and endurance.

  • Workout 2: (W or TH) Speed and endurance. These workouts include fartleks, interval runs or lap repeats.

  • Long Run: (S) Routes of 3-22 miles are planned for all groups and include hydration stops. Ask your coach to help you find the right pace group.

  • Core Workouts: (M/W 5:30pm, F 5:30am) Thirty minutes of light-weight exercises and core strengthening exercises, the other 30 minutes are partner exercises with a variety of medicine ball throws.

  • Yoga: (Sun 8:30am) A one-hour Hatha Yin practice to wind down and recover from your long run. Enjoy gentle movement and floor postures.

Locations may change due to weather or other events, so make sure to check the schedule for each workout!*

*Because it is a partial membership, Saturday Gazelles will not have access to the online schedule. Saturday Gazelles receive each week's route via email on Thursday evening.

Where We Meet

Gazelles HQ is located downtown at 115 Sandra Muraida Way, Suite 105-A, just off the trail inside The Loop Running Supply retail store. Downtown workouts and all Saturday runs meet at Gazelles HQ and run a warmup to the workout location. Any exceptions will be posted on the training schedule. 

We also have a workout on Far West (North Austin) that meets at Ready to Run on M/W at 5:30am led by Coach Jay Clement.

Some of the downtown workout locations include:

  • Gazelle Headquarters

  • Austin High track

  • The Rock

  • Zilker Soccer Fields

  • Zilker Barton Springs

  • Azie Morton Road

Saturday Long Runs

5:45 am at Gazelles HQ

Our coaches plan and map out specific long run routes to accommodate all training levels from 3 to 22 miles. Water and Gatorade stations are placed along the routes to help with your hydration. Routes and maps are on the Training Schedule and also show water stops. 

A good post-run routine is critical to staying healthy, particularly after a long run. Gilbert recommends doing the 20/20 workout after every long run. Go to the 20/20 AND DRILLS page for a list of those exercises.

Of course you can do your long run any day you want, but we hope you enjoy the benefits of the supported long run with hydration, post-run services and the company of fellow Gazelles.


Core workouts usually include 30 minutes of light weight exercises and core strengthening exercises followed by 30 minutes of medicine ball throws. These workouts are included in your membership and meet at Gazelles HQ.

Monday, 5:30 PM 
Leader: Alex
What to Bring: Yoga mat, water
Parking: Use the parking garage and pick up a validation tag before leaving. Note that validated parking is only available until 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, 5:30 PM 
Leader: Leslie
What to Bring: Yoga mat, water
Parking: Use the parking garage and pick up a validation tag before leaving. Note that validated parking is only available until 7:30 PM.

Friday, 5:30 AM 
Leader: Richard 
What to Bring: Yoga mat, water, weights for arm exercises (5-10 pound range for most people)
Parking: Use the parking garage and pick up a validation tag before leaving. Street parking is also available on 2nd Street.


Our one-hour yoga practice is included in your membership and meets at Gazelles HQ.

Sunday, 8:30 AM 
Leader: Angie 
What to Bring: Yoga mat, water
Parking: Use the parking garage between 8-10am and pick up a validation tag before leaving. Free street parking is also available on 2nd Street.

Class Description
Hatha Yin is a great way to wind down and recover from your long run. Enjoy gentle movement and floor postures. Yin yoga invites you to slow down for a grounding a cooling practice. Passive stretches allow you to work deeper into the connective tissues of the body, such as ligaments and fascia. Poses are held up to five minutes, sometimes longer. This class will focus on hips, low back, IT band, shoulders, and the psoas.

Physical Therapists

One of the many benefits of being a Gazelle is access to Physical Therapists (PTs). We have practitioners from two PT offices who come to Gazelle workouts during the week to provide free injury assessments/evaluations, which include taking a brief history, an examination of your injury and explanation/advice on what to do next and how to help yourself. Under Texas State Law, PTs must have a referral (prescription on file) from a physician in order to treat a patient. Because of this, the PTs who come to Gazelle workouts only evaluate and provide advice, they can not treat you without a doctor’s prescription. Take advantage of this amazing part of your membership at the following times:


Gilbert holds office hours every Friday morning 10:00am-12:00pm for 15-minute individual discussions. Schedule an appointment here.


Gazelles HQ offers free validated parking in Gables Park Plaza garage M-TH 5-9am and 5-7:30pm; Fri 5-7amSat 5-10am and Sun 8-10am. Validation only works if you enter and exit the garage between the times listed. Do not park in the spaces designated “Leasing Office” or you will be towed. After your run, make sure to pick up a validation code at headquarters to exit the garage.

For other workout locations, street parking is available. 

Gear and Perks

Available Gazelles Gear can be found in our online store. Some perks of being a Gazelle include: 15% off of merchandise at The Loop Running Supply, 15% discount on spin classes at LOVE Cycle Studio, $15 off massages at Susan Fegelman Massage, discounted menu at Zen Japanese & more!

your account

You may update your Gazelles account at any time by clicking on the ACCOUNT button in the upper right corner of our website. This is where you can take care of billing, add member plans, and/or change personal information. You can only have one recurring membership per account.

Weather Policy

Gazelles run rain or shine, except in lightning or thunderstorms or icy road conditions. Always check the schedule for the latest updates.


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