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Memorial Day: All groups meet at 7:00 AM (Click for detail)

Youth: No meeting at 5:30pm. Please join our morning workout at 7:00am.

ROAD CLOSURES: There will be downtown road closures for the Tri Cap Tex on Memorial Day. To get to Gazelles HQ, you will need to drive in from 3rd street and SeaHolm Drive. From Lamar and 5th, head east on 5th and take the first right on Bowie Street. Turn left (east) on 3rd and then right on Seaholm Drive down to Electric Street. Turn right on Electric to come into Gazelles HQ.

San Diego RnR Marathon: 3K at MGP

Tunnel Marathon: 10 Mile Super Fartlek

Grandma's Marathon: Recovery 45-60min

Santa Barbara Half Marathon: 6-8 miles at HMGP

San Francisco Marathon: 6 miles @ MGP