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Hill repeats: 3 - 7 x 300m with jog down as recovery

5:30 AM: Meet at Gazelles and warm up to Wilke

Far West, 5:30 AM: Meet at Ready to Run

7:00 AM: Meet at Gazelles and warm up to Wilke

Intro to Gazelles (5:30 AM): Meet at Gazelles for workout details

Cap 10K: Meet at Azie Morton and warm up to Wilke for 3-5x 300m. For a long warmup and cool down, meet at Gazelles

Youth, 5:30 PM: Meet at Spring Creek for hill workout

Strength & Core: 5:30 PM at Gazelles with Alex

Austin: 8 Miles Easy

Austin Half: 4 Miles Easy

Woodlands / Napa Valley Marathons: 10 miles at MGP

Paris Marathon: 4-6 miles @ MGP

Alamo Half Marathon: 6-8 miles at HMGP

If your Saturday long run was more than 18 miles or 3 hours, do a recovery run instead of the Gazelle workout.