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Hill repeats, 3 - 7 x 600m plus backwards and sprints

5:30AM and 7:30AM: Meet at Gazelles and warm up to Spring Creek

5:30AM: Far West - meet at Ready to Run

9:15AM: Meet at Spring Creek

Youth: Meet at Robert E. Lee

Strength & core: 5:30 PM at Austin High with Alex

Columbus: 10 miles at MGP

Houston Half: 4 - 6 miles at HMGP

Las Vegas Half: 4 - 6 miles at HMGP

Ft. Worth or South Padre: 6 miles at MGP

Dallas / BCS / Honolulu: 4 miles at MGP

Dalla / BCS Half: 3 - 4 miles at HMGP

Earlier Event: September 9
Saturday Long Run