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2 - 5 x 2km repeats with 2 min rest in between

5:30 AM: Meet at Gazelles and warm up to Zilker
7:30 AM: Meet at Gazelles and warm up to Zilker
Far West, 5:30 AM: Meet at Ready to Run
Youth: TIME CHANGE TO AFTERNOON:  Meet at Zilker for 3 - 5 x 600m cutting field as recovery
Strength & Core: 5:30 PM at Austin High with Alex

Santa Rosa / Wausau: 3K at MGP

Erie: 8 miles easy

Light at the End of the Tunnel: 45 - 60 min recovery

Berlin: 10 miles at MGP

Twin Cities, Wineglass, Maine: Easy run

Portland Half: 8 miles at HMGP

Chicago, St. George, Portland, Scranton: 8 miles at MGP

Baltimore, M2M, MCM, Toronto: 6 miles at MGP

NYC: 4 - 6 miles at MGP

Philadelphia, Havana Half: 3 - 4 miles at HMGP

Philadelphia, Havana: 4 miles at MGP

Earlier Event: August 19
Saturday Long Run