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Gilbert's Gazelles is the premier training group in Austin, Texas for all levels of runners and other athletes. We serve everyone from kids to adults, beginners to elites, casual runners to competitors – 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.

Our group is unique because every member is trained by the founder, Olympian and All-American, Gilbert Tuhabonye. You will receive personal instruction while training within a group of runners at comparable pace and fitness level. Gilbert's passion for coaching and running – and his amazing ability to know every Gazelle – will make you feel at home and inspire you to take your training to new levels.

Everyone is Welcome


Gilbert's Gazelles embraces anyone who wants to start a running program. If you have never run before or want to improve your endurance and speed, you’ll find our training program is perfectly suited to your abilities and goals.


If you have been running on your own and working to improve your race results and fitness level, we will help get you there. As an intermediate runner, you are familiar with running and training terminology, you track your pace and are ready to work toward better results.  


Advanced runners have a lot of running experience and are looking for a bigger challenge. You run on a regular basis, do well in races, but still want to get faster, stronger and increase your overall fitness.

Joining the Herd

We have several membership options. Whichever membership you choose, everyone is a Gazelle and trains together while receiving individual instruction.

Gilbert's Gazelles 
A month-to-month membership to keep you running year around. Also covers training for races of all distances, 5K to marathon.

Half and Full Marathon Gazelles
An 18-20 week package membership to train you for a specific half or full marathon. 

Youth Gazelles
A month-to-month membership for younger runners ages 8-16.

Saturday Gazelles
A month-to-month membership for Saturday long runs only. You should be able to run three or more miles to join this group.

    Once you become a Gazelle, you will have access to our Members section which includes: the training schedule, group forum, pace calculator, workout glossary, running stats and our picture gallery.

    Our Workouts

    M/W  5:30am or 7:30am
    T/TH  5:30am, 7:00am, 8:15am
     or 5:30pm

    Our training groups meet for two weekday workouts focusing on speed, strength, endurance and flexibility. For example, one workout might be hill work or circuit training, and another running on the track or trail. Distances and intensity vary depending on your ability and goals.

    Saturday Long Runs
    SAT 5:45am - 6:30am (depends on distance)

    We plan and map out specific long run routes from 3 to 24 miles to accommodate all training levels. These runs are fully supported with hydration along the route, post-run physical therapy and a strength workout, but they are not coached. Saturday long runs are included in all memberships (except Youth Gazelles.) 

    Core and Strength Training
    M/W 5:30pm, F 5:30am

    A key component to running and staying injury-free is increasing your strength and maintaining a strong core. We offer three one-hour core and strength workouts each week. These workouts are included in all memberships but are optional to attend.

    Group attendance for workouts can vary from a few to over 25 runners. For the larger groups, our assistant coaches step in to make sure everyone has a great workout.

    Where We Meet

    Gazelles headquarters is located downtown at 115 Sandra Muraida Way, Suite 105-A, just off the trail. Weekday workouts take place at various locations depending on the activity, but all Saturday runs meet at Gazelles headquarters. 

    During the week, downtown training groups meet and train with Coach Gilbert. For Gazelles unable to meet us downtown, we have a North Austin (Far West) group that meets twice a week (M/W5:30am) and is led by Coach Sonya Manson.

    Some of the downtown locations include:

    • Gazelle Headquarters

    • Austin High track
    • The Rock
    • Zilker Soccer Fields
    • Zilker Barton Springs
    • Robert E. Lee

    Gazelles Give Back

    The Gazelle Foundation funds and builds clean water projects in Burundi, Africa. One of the poorest countries on earth, most people in rural Burundi walk over two miles for untreated water from streams and puddles, often shared with livestock. Through clean water projects, the Gazelle Foundation is offering a first step in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Burundi. Learn More


    Thank you to all of our partners who support and keep us running!