Online Training

Do you want to train with a coach, but can't join the Gazelles group in person? Now you can train with Gilbert's Gazelles Online Training! Olympian and All-American, Gilbert Tuhabonye, will coach you to develop strength, speed and confidence no matter what your running abilities. With full coaching support, all of the online plans teach proper training techniques and tips, and how to keep your body injury-free. 

What you get:

Gilbert's Gazelles online training plans include:

  • A weekly training calendar with daily detailed instructions
  • Strength and core routines (some with video instruction) to keep you injury-free
  • Suggested training paces for every workout provided by our pace calculator
  • Emails from Coach Gilbert with insights and motivation to improve and continue your running

We will help you reach your goals. Our online plans support all fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced runners, casual or competitive.

Order your plan today and start training immediately!

5K - 12 weeks - $24.95

10K - 12 weeks - $24.95

Half Marathon - 18 weeks - $29.95 

Full Marathon - 18 weeks - $29.95