Intro to Gazelles

If you are currently running low mileage or no mileage, this is the Gazelles Group for you.

And by low mileage, we mean two miles or less.

Joining any of our other training groups, you should be able to confidently run at least two miles without walking. Intro to Gazelles will get help you do that in four short weeks.

Austin FIt 2018.jpeg

Austin Fit Magazine’s six-time “Best Running Coach” in Austin, Gilbert Tuhabonye, will help you become the runner you want to be. This introductory program focuses on the basics of running. We will help you develop good running form, build strength and boost your confidence no matter your running abilities. After one month, you will be ready to join one of Gilbert’s Gazelles other training groups.

Over the month we will accomplish the following:

  • Two workouts a week: Monday/Wednesday at 5:30am

  • Learn strength and core routines to build muscle and help keep you injury-free

  • Improve your running form

  • Build confidence to pursue all of your running goals

We want to help you become a runner. Join us!

M/W  5:30am*
*Downtown only

Next Session: SEPT 2019
Session starts Monday, Sept. 2 at 5:30am
Registration begins in August

Location: Gazelles HQ/The Loop

$75 one time payment

Terms of Membership: NO REFUNDS. Read our Fees and Cancellation Policy.