You may register with Gilbert's Gazelles at any time. The day you register, your membership starts and your payment will be processed. 

Here's how:

1. Click on LOGIN/JOIN (upper right corner.)**
2. Create a username and password. 
3. Complete the account profile form. (You should receive a confirmation email after this step)
4. Choose your Training Group

  • Gilbert's Gazelles at $75/month (auto-recurring every month)** – Six-month and yearly options available.
  • Half/Full Marathon Gazelles at $300 (one-time payment, member access ends after race date)
  • Saturday Gazelles at $35/month (auto-recurring every month)
  • Youth Gazelles (2 days/wk, auto-recurring at $75/month or 1 day/wk, auto-recurring at $40/month)**

5. Enter your payment information. (Optional: You may pass this step by clicking outside of the payment form. You will have an account, but it will be "inactive" and you won't have member access)
6. Confirm your account via the email sent to you.

** If you are a student, military or multi-family-member, contact for a discount code before registering on the new website. Discounts are applicable to the monthly plan only.

Features of our new website

  • Better member services. We now have a more efficient method to track each Gazelle and the many types of memberships we offer. We want to make sure everyone gets the right news and information for their particular running goals!
  • Set it and forget it. We are moving to a recurring payment system to help keep your account active so you never lose access to members-only pages like the training schedule and forum.
  • Modern, responsive design. The new website will make it easier to get information you need quickly and easily. You will be able to see the training schedule, get workout locations, buy Gazelle Gear or even join the group right from your phone.
  • Clearer choices, easier registration. We have consolidated and reduced the number of memberships down to the most popular choices.
  • We are here for you. If you have any problems using the new website, please contact us so we can help.