This Week With Gazelles: July 1-7

Fourth of July Community Workout

Meet at Gazelles HQ at 7:00am

In lieu of all regular Thursday workouts, Gilbert's Gazelles will host one community workout on the Fourth, followed by drills, watermelon and any snacks you want to bring to share. The entire Austin community is welcome!


Full and Half Marathon Training for November Race Dates

It’s not too late to join our group to train for this next session, training for races like New York and Philadelphia. Join us next week!

Friday PT Canceled in July

Due to busy summer schedules, Pieter and Katie will be unable to hold their assessment clinic at HQ for the month of July. They will resume starting back up in August. We have two other options during the week if you need to talk to PTs. Always double check the schedule for location.


Great job to Carrie Barrett on her IRONMAN 70.3 Coeur d'Alene finish, 5:45:00.


Connect with Other Gazelles

We have started a Facebook Group page for Gazelles! This is a members-only group to connect Gazelles to one another to talk about all things running. Use this space to find new pace friends, seek advice, post race reports and photos, etc. Enjoy!

Please Help! New yoga mat policy.

We are asking all Gazelles to start bringing their own yoga mats for post run exercises. We feel we can't keep the current supply at HQ clean enough for all the use they are getting, and our storage space is limited. Keep one in your car for workouts. Thank you for understanding!

Member Highlight: Brent Gillentine

Brent with his wife, Andi

Brent with his wife, Andi

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I had been running with a friend who had a hip problem that caused him to stop running back in 2011 (I think). I tried running by myself for about a year and was eventually making any excuse I could come up with not to go run. My wife had been running with the Gazelles for years and recommended (i.e. demanded) I try running with them. Joining the Gazelle's made running fun again.

Which group do you run with?
(Tu/Th, 8:15 am). That was a wonderful group that ran me into the ground but made me a much better runner. When I started teaching, I moved the the Tu/Th 5:30 am group and have been running with them ever since.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I love speed work, so my favorites are fartleks or shorter distance track workouts. Run fast, recover, repeat!

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
Over the years, I have found that while I do not, particularly, love running, I love my running family. I would have quit running a long time ago if it was not for their wonderful stories, encouragement and occasional ridicule (which is absolutely called for).

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Gilbert coaches high school Cross Country and Track against my brother on a regular basis. On occasion, I will get texted a picture on a Saturday morning with a picture of the two of them asking me which one has the better hat or some other random question, and the text is just as likely to come from Gilbert as it is my brother. A few months ago, I got far too much pleasure from Gilbert's shock that I was actually the older brother of the two.

Vancouver, May 2019

Vancouver, May 2019

Running on Exposition Blvd.

If you include Exposition Blvd as part of your normal running route, be aware that there is construction going on for the next year. The Gazelle long runs will be modified to bypass this construction. More information is available here:

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