This Week With Gazelles: May 6-12

Congratulations to the following Gazelles on their recent races:

If you are an active Gazelle and would like to be included in race results, please email us about your race!


Sunshine Run 10K
Adam Reisman
43:02, 2nd place age group
Chris McCaul 54:40
Gary Metcalf 41:30, 3rd place age group
Ingrid Ristroph 41:41
Jennifer Dale 46:51, 1st place age group
Jillian Townson 49:42
Michele Anderson 47:23
Morgan Mengini 40:40, 3rd place age group
Paula McCaul 54:39

Sunshine Run 5K
Anne-Marie Griger
Belinda Cross 29:56
Chad Whited 17:30, 1st place age group
Emmanuel Toutain 18:25, 1st place masters
Gregory Tran 19:02
James Speller 21:05
Jay Foster 19:51, 1st place age group
Jennifer Harper 24:14
Jesse Booher 18:57, 3rd place age group
Karen Saenz 19:33, 1st place masters
Lee Buckley 19:44
Lena Reese 19:13, 1st place age group
Lou Kohagen 21:48, 1st place age group
Matt Garrett 18:22, 2nd place age group
Molly Von Holten 19:29, 2nd place age group
Nathan Neese 19:47
Patrick Montgomery 19:30

Chuck Norris 5K
Ginger Stoker
, untimed event

Toronto Marathon
Diana Damer
Susan Rowe 4:04:59

Vancouver Marathon
Ana Wright
Andi Gillentine 4:53:09
Meghan Dickerson 4:13:19
Sheri Rauch 4:45:21

Vancouver Half Marathon
Anne Hughes
1:36:56, 2nd place age group
Brent Gillentine 1:35:56
Hank Holland 1:58:13

Vancouver 8K
Robert Christy

Rookie Tri
Brian Smith
J Red Tripp 1:01:54
Sarah Laperle 1:59:07
Victor Mieres 1:03:27

Trail Flooding Possible This week

With all of the recent rain, LCRA has been opening floodgates at Tom Miller Dam. More rain is expected this week so this may continue. In the past, this has resulted in flooding on the trail in some areas. The map below indicates areas where the trail has flooded in the past. Watch out for water on the trail and be careful out there.


IMG_4482 (1).jpg

Fall Marathon Training Kick Off
Saturday, May 18, 8:30 am

Gilbert will lead a short kickoff session for those training (or thinking about training) with Gazelles for the Fall racing season. Stop by to meet others training and hear about our program. Race training officially begins June 3rd.

Yoga is back this Sunday, May 12!


Summer Track Series—Meet #1

It’s our first Summer Series All Comers Track Meet in partnership with The Loop Running and we want you to join us!

Meet #1 will take place at Austin High School track on Friday night, May 24, 2019.

The meet will run on a rolling schedule and each event will have women running first with heats going slowest to fastes. USATF sanctioned events with check-ins happening 15 minutes prior to each race. Want to win a cash prize? First place male and female for the 1600m event will win $100. An approximate schedule will be sent to participants the week of, but events will order as follows: 800M, 100M, 400M , 200M, 1600M , 4 x 400M Relay

Cost: $25 to enter. The cost covers as many events you’d like to participate in.

All profits go directly to Back The Track.

Member Highlight: Meghan Dickerson

Meghan at the NYC Marathon

Meghan at the NYC Marathon

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I decided to run a half marathon for my 30th birthday so I joined the Gazelles in November 2014 and ran the Austin Half Marathon in February 2015. I enjoyed it so much I ran my first marathon later that year in November and it was an amazing experience because I got to do it with the Gazelle-Phia crew in Philadelphia and we had a blast. 

Which group do you run with?
Far West - ‘Run with Jay!’

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I like doing Yassos and 800m runs. Its fun to go fast on the track but for a very short amount of time :)

Meghan running with Murphy, CIM 2016

Meghan running with Murphy, CIM 2016

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
It changed my life because it gave me a tribe of amazing people and a very positive and time consuming hobby when I needed it the most. It changed my running because I went from running a 10K to running a marathon in a year. That showed me how much I'm capable of and gave me a tremendous amount of confidence. I can honestly say that I get more out of running than I put into it and I'm sure we can all agree that we put A LOT into running. Also I get to eat tacos with a group of sweaty runners every Saturday so that's awesome too. 

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I love watching Gilbert be the major of the trail. It's so crazy when you run with him and everyone you pass says hi to him and you think "How could he possibly know all of these people?" 

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

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