This Week With Gazelles: May 13-19

Congratulations to the following Gazelles on their recent races:

If you are an active Gazelle and would like to be included in race results, please email us about your race!

Avenue of the Giants Marathon
Theresa Tran 3:57:59

Texas Switchback 10K
Ginger Stoker 59:26 (2nd place female)
Lety Grimes 1:06:55
Tiffany Peters 1:05:29(1st place grand masters)

Texas Switchback Half Marathon
Dermot O'Driscoll
Elliot Brubaker 2:04:16

Fall Marathon Training Kick Off - Saturday, May 18, 8:30 am

Gilbert will lead a short kickoff session for those training (or thinking about training) with Gazelles for the Fall racing season. Stop by to meet others training and hear about our program. Race training officially begins June 3rd.


Meet #1: Austin High School track on Friday, May 24 at 5:30pm

It’s our first Summer Series All Comers Track Meet in partnership with The Loop Running and we want you to join us!

Events will order as follows: 800M, 100M, 400M , 200M, 1600M , 4 x 400M Relay

USATF sanctioned events with check-ins happening 15 minutes prior to each race. Want to win a cash prize? First place male and female for the 1600m event will win $100.

Cost: $25 to enter. The cost covers all the events you participate in. All profits go directly to Back The Track.

Memorial Day Workout

Monday, May 27 at HQ.

7:00am - Gazelles Workout (Strength and Running)
8:30am - Yoga with Jess Cook

In lieu of all regular Monday workouts, Gilbert's Gazelles will host a community workout beginning at 7:00am. Everyone is invited. Come to one workout or the other—or both!

TRAFFIC ALERT: There will be downtown road closures for the Tri Cap Tex on Memorial Day. To get to Gazelles HQ, you will need to drive in from 3rd street and SeaHolm Drive. From Lamar and 5th, head east on 5th and take the first right on Bowie Street. Turn left (east) on 3rd and then right on Seaholm Drive down to Electric Street. Turn right on Electric to come into Gazelles HQ.

Member Highlight: Samantha Low


What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined Gazelles in September 2018. I had been searching for an extracurricular activity and just started to take to running. I think my Mom and Dad were also looking for some help in directing my new love for running.

Which group do you run with?
Youth Gazelles (Monday & Wednesday)

What's your favorite workout and why? 
Hills!! They are painful while you're doing them, but I love the the feeling when you're done.  It's a good reminder how strong we are, when things seems hard or intimidating, you just have to start, and put one foot in front of the other, then its done! 

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
In. Every. Way.  I've found where I belong and I'm in middle school.  I love running, I love my group, I love the running community and the way we encourage and lift each other up. I love how I feel after a run, I love knowing how strong I am and what my body is capable of. I've developed a love for running that I hope to have with me for the rest of my life.  It's an amazing outlet to deal/cope with whatever life puts my way. 

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I'm not sure if I have a favorite Gilbert story or Gilbert-ism, he's just one of my favorite humans.  It's the feeling you get when you're around him. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to have a bad day around him.  He encourages, pushes, coaches, and lifts us up with a positive perspective about everything. When he believes in me, I want to work hard to make him proud, he makes me better as a runner and a person. 


Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Youth Gazelles Summer Camps

If you have a child or teen interested in joining a Youth Gazelles 5-day camp, all of our Summer camps are now open for registration. Youth camps will meet at Gazelles HQ/The Loop and will be led by Gilbert and his daughter, Emma Tuhabonye.

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