This Week With Gazelles: Apr. 29 - May 5

Congratulations to the following Gazelles on their recent races:

If you are an active Gazelle and would like to be included in race results, please email us about your race!


Big Sur International Marathon
Ginger Stoker 3:28:07

Eugene Marathon
Federico Martinez 3:20:56
Jason Miller 2:57:24
Cale Stubbe 3:02:39

London Marathon
Jonathan Hines 3:59:20
Katie Gwyn 3:07:06
Martha Palao 3:55:28
Alex Hernandez-Bobrow 4:17:28

OKC Memorial Marathon
Ken Turlington
Full: 3:41:29
Brooke Ziel Half: 1:43:34

Silo District Half Marathon
No results at this time

The Stampede (Trail Run)
Eryn Myers 55:34
Ellen Cox 58:18
Liz Pfaff 49:00
Patrick Legate 51:28
Marc Hamel 43:49

Steven Moore 2:11:38
Dawn McElvain 2:24:34, 1st place woman

Good luck to Gazelles racing this weekend in Canada—Vancouver and Toronto— and locally at the Sunshine Run!

From the Gazelle Foundation…


This Tuesday, April 30 is the Spring fundraising event for the Gazelle Foundation, Gilbert’s nonprofit organization to bring clean water to communities in his home country of Burundi Africa. Coach was even on TV promoting the Foundation a couple of weeks ago! If you are unable to attend the event, please consider helping the Foundation out is other ways.

RUN FOR THE WATER (benefitting the Gazelle Foundation) is open for registration. This is when choosing “Gilbert’s Gazelles” as your designated team is most important! Support Gilbert’s Gazelles, the Foundation and coach Gilbert by registering for our team!

Fall Marathon Training Kick Off Session
Saturday, May 18, 8:30 am

Gilbert will lead this short kickoff session for those training with Gazelles for the Fall racing season. Stop by to meet others interested in the training and hear about our training program. Training officially begins June 3rd.

Pilates this Sunday, May 5

Join Gazelles’ Allyson Marshall for a fun Sunday workout. Great for recovery and strengthening your core.

Trail Safety Alert

We want to report some recent incidents on the north side trail, east of I-35, primarily around Fiesta Gardens.

“It is reported a man wearing nothing except a hoodie and shoes was hiding in bushes waiting for females to pass by and then he would sprint after them displaying his body. He kept coming out of the bushes for a bit then running away again to my limited understanding, would only do so when it was females who were running alone as no males or people running accompanied reported it. I believe no assaults have been reported but of course the indecent exposure is more toxic than any one trying to enjoy running should have to deal with.”

Ladies, if you’re near this area of the trail, please try to run with friends.  

Any more specific questions and if there are more incidents, please turn to APD. Again, they already had multiple reports and are monitoring the situation and hope it was only a one day occurrence.

Member Highlight: Carrie Barrett

Carrie, second from the right, Boston 2019

Carrie, second from the right, Boston 2019

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I’m “almost” one of Gilbert’s originals having joined in 2005 to train for the Chicago Marathon. I was so intimidated and only joined because my friend Mike agreed to join with me. We told ourselves we could be slow together. 

Chicago was the first big Gazelle destination race and my goal was to qualify for Boston. Thanks to Gilbert and the push from so many training partners, I reached that goal and BQ’ed for the first time way back in 2005.

Since then, I ebb and flow with the group. I was fully active until 2010 before taking a break to focus on long distance triathlon for several years. I started my own tri team and helped open a triathlon facility here in Austin, but always knew that Gazelles was my running home. In 15 years of knowing Gilbert, there’s never been a time where he hasn’t high-fived me on the trail or called out that familiar, “SAPP!!” whenever he sees me. (Yep, I’ve been running with Gilbert longer than I’ve been married.) There’s something to be said for always feeling like you’re a part of this special family. 

Which group do you run with?
When I qualified for Boston again at the Columbus Marathon in late 2017 (for the 2019 race), I knew I wanted to come back to Gazelles for the community, the bond, the torture, and the accountability. I mean, really, who is going to do Wilke repeats on their own? Actually, that’s a dumb question for this group. Forget I asked.

Because I work from home, I’d fallen into the gorgeous habit of being a mid-morning runner. I’d get up, work a bit, and then meander down to the trail with airpods in my ears (y’all - I almost said “walkman”) and run at my happy pace while listening to the Rich Roll podcast, My Favorite Murder, or any number of shows that either inspire or make me laugh.  While it’s a dream scenario, I also know it’s not “training,” so when it came time to start a Boston ramp up, there was no doubt I’d return to training with Gazelles.

The only problem? Do you know how hard it is to train your body to get up super early again when you haven’t done that in a few years? So, I had to ween myself back to it. For the first month, I ran with the awesome 7a crew! Yes!!  That’s what I’m talking about. These are my civilized people! That lasted through Christmas when workouts started to become more race specific and the Boston crew was being beat-down in its own special way. I got the, “It’s time to start coming at 5:30am” chat from Gilbert and my partying days were over. 

Pretty soon, I was setting my alarm with a “4” in front of it (even though TWICE I forgot to change that PM to AM) and would even sometimes meet the early-bird crazies (Yes, I’m talking to you Avelina, Hannah, Alex, Jenny, Russ, Kimberly, Jacky…I see you…actually I don’t because I can’t see shit in the dark).

There’s something magical that happens when you throw unique personalities and virtual strangers together on a road and tell them to work with each other and run together through wind, rain, hills and strange neighborhoods. You know what happens? Each person adds something to the mix and this recipe becomes a perfect concoction of friendship and positive peer pressure. In our case, it also made the perfect Boston KING CAKE!  I’m forever improved by these months with Heidi, Avelina, Tonya, Emily, Natascha, Renee, Avelina, Herb and Chris (our running dreamboats), Rohini, Josi, Robert (Josi’s running dreamboat) and, of course, Leslie - who literally was the glue that held us together most days. 

She started the group text (much to her introverted dismay) and that spawned about 15 different group texts with photos, gifs, virtual wine happy happy hours and more.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
My favorite workout? Meridan is always a fav because it’s in my neighborhood :), but I actually love the point-to-point long runs. It is quality time where you get to see the ups-and-downs of each runner. What do we need? What pace should we run? Who ate Indian food the night before? Who’s willing to squat in a bush on Far West to pee (turns out - most of us are!) Who can “drop the bomb” and finish strong in the last miles when you just want to quit?. It’s a wonderful rough draft of what to expect on race day and you get to troubleshoot those things that may go wrong.

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
Gilbert changed my life in 2005 when he first helped me achieve things I never thought possible. More than anything, though, I’ve come to learn that Gazelles isn’t purely about performance or necessarily training to a PR (because those things ultimately don’t matter). It’s about seeking the best version of yourself and using that energy to inspire and motivate others. I saw that last year when dozens of us made our way across the Grand Canyon and back in one day. We weren’t seeking times, medals, or podiums. We were there to bask in the canyon and spend a day (a long freakin’ day) giving thanks to Mother Nature and each other. THAT’s when I knew that, even though I wasn’t an “official” Gazelle at the time, I would always be one. 

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Any coach can write you a plan with speed, hills, tempo and long runs. In fact, you can download thousands of plans right now from the internet. I ask athletes this all of the time…Knowing that you can find a training plan anywhere, what do you REALLY want from coaching beyond just a plan and some accountability? 

My answer that I found with Gazelles?  Say it with me people…. “JOY.” I’ve found joy in a sport in which I’m not particularly talented, but one that I love so much. So, I’d say my favorite Gilbert-ism (besides shaking his head in dismay that no one can properly execute higher/open), is “Run with Joy.”   As we said on many hard days, I don’t know who this elusive joy is, but I hope she shows up.

On April 15th, 2019 she DID show up on the streets of Boston. From start to finish, I ran with joy. 

What more could you want?

Carrie (red shirt) with her Boston Gazelles group

Carrie (red shirt) with her Boston Gazelles group

Carrie, far right

Carrie, far right

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

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