This Week With Gazelles: April 22-28

Congratulations to the following Gazelles on recent races:

ASH Dash on 4/20
Karen Saenz 19:13, 1st place overall woman

Longhorn Run on 4/13 (short course due to weather)
Ellen Cox 23:12
Ingrid Ristroph 19:54
Melissa Crockett 30:53
Tong Jett 25:02

Good luck to Gazelles racing this weekend at Big Sur, London, REVEL Mt. Charleston, and Silo District (Waco)!

Thank you, Halcyon

for hosting a great happy hour this past weekend for the Gazelles. It was a beautiful night to sit outside and enjoy friends.


SeaWheeze Training Kick Off Session
Saturday, April 27 at 9:00 am

Gilbert will lead this short kickoff session on April 27 at 9:00am for those training with Gazelles for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in August. Stop by to meet the group (more than 55 runners!) and share information on accommodations, group activities and special training events. Training officially begins May 6th.

Yoga Canceled - Sunday, April 28

Please join us next week, May 5th for pilates with Allyson!

Upcoming Local Races

April 28 - The Silo Marathon, Half, and 5K in Waco
April 28 - The Stampede: Trail 10K and 30K at Roam Ranch
May 5 - 2019 Sunshine Run

Member Highlight: Eric Stouffer

Eric and his wife, Colleen, in Vancouver

Eric and his wife, Colleen, in Vancouver

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
Colleen started long running well before I did. I had never done more than a 10K run by myself when we lived in Tucson, usually more like 4 miles on a weekend or 2-3 miles on a treadmill during the week. We moved to Austin in Sept 2003. In mid 2005 she joined an Austin Fit group to train, striving for the next Austin Marathon. I was gently cajoled to play along, so joined an Austin Fit half marathon group. Btw, I think Leslie [Barclay] was a coach of one of the marathon groups in Austin Fit that year, too. Then Colleen switched to the Gazelles, leaving me behind with Austin Fit. My first half was 3M in 2006 (now 14th in a row this past January). Some time after that I started informally and unofficially running just on Saturdays with the Gazelles when I could, usually with Colleen. I ran my first  marathon in 2007 the Austin Marathon, had a painful experience but somehow was getting hooked and finished the Distance Challenge. We both ran the Dublin Marathon together in Oct 2007, we did well, and I was even more hooked. After that I joined officially, just as a Saturday Gazelle. I've been a Saturday only member since.

Which group do you run with?
Me, myself and I. I don't want my inconsistent performance, emergency bathroom breaks, and preference of silence on a run to affect others. I used to run with Jay once in awhile, but haven't seen him in forever.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
Long runs on the weekends because I love catching up with my friends.

Eric (left) with his wife, Colleen (right) and friend Chris (middle) in Sydney, Australia

Eric (left) with his wife, Colleen (right) and friend Chris (middle) in Sydney, Australia

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
Definitely helped me become a stronger more consistent runner, to understand the need for speed work and core. I have rarely been able to overcome cramps in a marathon, though, regardless of how good of conditioning I thought I had achieved. The discipline and patience has transferred to my career. I often describe my career progression to those I mentor in terms of a distance runner's training. And I have yet to ever DNF, a race or career position. From a lifestyle and holiday perspective, Colleen and I have used races in far away places as our motivation to keep training, then we have wonderful vacations centered on both a race, half or full, and often wine tasting or other interesting sight seeing. Look up the Bone Church in Kutna Hora, in the Czech Republic as an example! Vacation marathons we've done include Paris, Edinburgh, Munich, Venice, Valencia, Vancouver, NYC, Napa, to name a few. Half marathon sojourns include Toronto, Budapest, Stockholm, Sydney, Auckland, Montreal, and coming up April 28 this year Dubrovnik, to name a few. My work schedule and travel as an executive has never allowed me to be a consistent, "real" full time Gazelle. I still love my Saturday long runs, and when I have to miss them due to business travel I always feel a loss.  In a bit of serendipity, I am about to retire in July after 36+ years with IBM. I've told folks at work a Gazelle saying, "don't quit when you're tired, quit when you're done." I've declared I'm done, and before I become a tired, cranky curmudgeon. Maybe I can "grow up" to become a full time Gazelle like Colleen. We'll wait and see.

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Two things. I know just "un peu" of French, but my French "est tres mauvais". Gilbert (pronounced a bit like jill-bear en francais for those who don't know much French pronunciation) plays along, greets me in french, and especially enjoys when he meets our daughter who lived in Paris for four years. She comes to a Gazelle Saturday long run once or twice a year when visiting. They will always have a bit of conversation en Francais.  Second Gilbert-ism that I still don't get is "Higher open". The words make no sense to me based on what physical movement he is wanting us to do. Looks more like a horse pawing the ground, but who am I to question Gilbert.

The back of the home made bibs used in the Jacob's Creek Half marathon in Barossa Valley Australia. Yes, that is a wire hand taped around in a ring to trigger the sensor! That was this decade, not some 20th century thingy. Classic!

The back of the home made bibs used in the Jacob's Creek Half marathon in Barossa Valley Australia. Yes, that is a wire hand taped around in a ring to trigger the sensor! That was this decade, not some 20th century thingy. Classic!

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

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