This Week With Gilbert's Gazelles: Feb. 18-24


Congratulations Austin Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K Gazelles!

As we know, Austin is a tough course. Our Gazelles did a great job pushing through those hills and heat and we are so proud of their accomplishments! Thank you to everyone out there today—runners, volunteers and supporters. Our runners couldn’t do this without you. Special thanks to Andrew Stockton, Denise Sechelski, Veronica Mailer, Kenny Hill and Ivi Kerrigan for helping out with race photos and the Gazelles tent. Some quick highlights are below, full results are at the end of the post.

5K Highlights:

Chad Whited  17:42.1, 1st place age group
Lena Reese  19:51.0, 2nd place overall, 1st age group
Robert Mazzetti  20:58.1, 1st place age group

Half Marathon Highlights:

Adam Reiser  1:21:36, 1st place masters
Hannah Moore Lewis  1:36:50, 2nd place age group
Lee Buckley  1:30:28, 3rd place age group
Patricia Rosen  1:56:46, 2nd place age group
Patrick Montgomery  1:22:12, 2nd place age group
Adam Reisman  1:47:06, Youth Gazelle

Full Marathon Highlights:

Dorothy Hollis  5:00:22, 2nd place age group

Love is in the air!

Congratulations to Tiff and Steve on their engagement. We’re so happy for you two!


Forgive us, Jesse!

A belated Congratulations to Jesse Booher on running the Sprouts Mesa-Phoenix Marathon on February 9th, finishing in 3:13:03. Great job!

Recover with Yoga

Gazelles Yoga will be back next Sunday, February 24 at 8:30am. Class is always held at Gazelles HQ/The Loop. If you’ll be recovering from the Austin Marathon and Half marathon, give Yoga a try next week!

Member Highlight: Annie Calandruccio


What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined Gazelles in September 2018. I have been a runner most of my life since high school track and cross country, but since moving to Austin in 2016 I missed being part of a larger group. So I just found Gazelles through a google search and was drawn to it because of Gilbert's story. I also had only ever done 5Ks and 10Ks. I wanted to push myself a little further so I signed up for the Austin Half Marathon, and look forward to running my first half marathon this Sunday!!

Which group do you run with?
I run with the Monday and Wednesday at 5:30am group.  I thought it would be tough to get up that early. And it is some days! But I am energized once I see the others runners at the Loop and Gilbert gives us a pep talk and sometimes sings a pep chant.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I love running hills and the sense of accomplishment I feel when reaching the top. I love when I feel like I couldn't possibly do another hill, but then turning around and doing a couple more. 

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
Being in Gazelles has definitely changed my language around running. Before Gazelles I would never have used the words "easy" or "only" when describing anything above 4 miles.  I had never run more than 6 miles.  But now a 6 - 10 mile run seems normal. 

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I think the most surprising thing to me about Gilbert is how in tune he is with every runner. From the first day I met him he already knew my name. And when we do track workouts and there are 30-40 people on the track he is able to notice how everyone is running and comment on individual people's form. When he pulled me aside and told me how to correct my running posture for the first time I was shocked. I don't consider myself a fast runner, but Gilbert cares about everyone (no matter their pace group) becoming a better runner.

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Austin 2019.png

Austin Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K Results


Danielle Sweeney  29:18.0 


Abhijit Modak  1:54:34
Adam Reisman  1:47:06
Allen Lindow  1:49:09
Andres Delgado  1:54:08
Andrew Ramirez  1:17:37
Annie Calandruccio  2:10:25 (this week’s Member Highlight!)
Barry Peterson  1:54:47
Carrie Phillips  2:31:06
Casey Bice  2:21:19
Chris Martinez  1:23:40
Christine Mulcahy  2:00:21
Cody Cox  1:40:38
Danny Lebourgeois  1:38:56
Dasha White  2:19:24
Diana Damer  1:57:11
Evan Pollock  1:22:16
Grant Glauser  1:22:15
Harold Guihurt  2:02:10
Ingrid Ristroph  1:37:27
Jacky Roberton  1:43:25
Jay Foster  1:32:55
Jenna Garcia  2:02:01
Jenny Shepard  1:36:10
Jerry Fleming  2:02:31
Jesse Devlyn  1:44:47
Jonathan Scott  2:10:22
Judy Shipway 2:27:39
Karen Flanagan  2:13:30
Kathleen Woodhead  2:03:24
Kathryn Balli  2:01:52
Keith Tilley  1:37:35
Keri Shaw  1:43:31
Kim Eagle  1:52:55
Kim Gutierrez  1:55:55
Kippi Griffith  1:51:13
Lee Bohne  2:00:21
Liana Frey  2:14:26
Lindsey Kaiser  2:38:14
Matt Potter  1:30:00
Michael Brandt  1:48:17
Mike Morgan  2:00:42
Natalie Hiddemen  2:06:05
Nathan Neese  1:32:52
Nick Logan  1:42:25
Olivia Derr  2:18:41
Pam Roberts  1:33:34
Pamela Berger  2:01:54
Paula McCaul  2:29:59
Sarah Hatch  2:06:54
Susan Winebarger  2:36:31
Susie Lane  2:33:12
Tennille Abrams  2:03:57
Vanessa Rodriguez  3:05:05
Zeeshan Malik  1:23:08


Abigail Husbands  4:49:16
Alice Ainslie  3:40:23
Allyson Marshall  3:40:51
Brooke Ziel  4:04:42
Chris McCaul  4:14:54
Christy Wright Barnett  4:00:06
Daniel Pryfogle  4:17:49
James Connolly  4:16:14
Joe Geisinger  4:16:14
Logan McCloskey  4:08:53
Megan Zellner  4:00:51
Melissa Crockett  4:25:03
Nandan Dharwadker  4:37:09
Pamela Gagot  4:29:06
Reid Wittliff  4:31:45
Sam Rudy  4:12:19
Sean Diehl  4:14:11
Stella Harper 3:50:06
Tori Howard  4:19:14
Victor Mieres  3:26:54
Victoria Sullivan  4:05:52

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