This Week With Gazelles: Jan. 21-27


A Big Race Weekend for Gazelles!

Congratulations to 3M Half, Houston Marathon & Half Marathon and Big Bend Ultra Gazelles!

Just a few highlights:

3M Half Marathon:
Andrew Ramirez
1:14:51, 2nd place age group
Chris Wolfe 1:35:54, 1st place age group
Hannah Lewis 1:34:04, 3rd place age group
Jerry Fleming 1:55:50, 3rd place age group
Karen Saenz 1:31:35, 3rd place age group
Kenny Hill 1:48:12, 2nd place age group
Lou Kohagen 1:37:06, 3rd place age group
Patricia Rosen 1:51:46, 1st place age group

Scroll to the end of this full post for all weekend results.

Changes to Long Run Routes

Please pay close attention to upcoming Saturday Long Run maps, we’re updating some of our routes. Some tweaks are small, others are shifts to different roads, and some are brand new routes.  

Why, you ask? As Austin grows with more and more traffic, some roads we've always used are no longer safe.  For example, the point-to-point using Burnet Road has become too dangerous. We'll be phasing routes out either by changing portions of them or removing them completely. We’re trying to keep you safe and on the best routes possible, so send us your feedback!

Yoga on Sunday, Jan. 27 Canceled

This week’s Yoga class will be canceled. We’ll see you back in class on Sunday, Feb. 3rd!

New York Marathon

If you want to run the New York marathon in November, registration is now open. Registration is via lottery or qualifying time so you need to sign up now (through 2/14) if you want to try to get in.  

Gazelles Sip and Shop at Lululemon

Gilbert’s Gazelles has been invited for a special pre-open shop on Sunday, 1/27 at 10:00am to celebrate the 2019 running season with Lululemon. There will be a special discount during this time, so make sure to RSVP! There will be coffee and light snacks as you shop. You must be an active Gazelles member to RSVP.

New Gazelles Gear

New shirts are available in the store! Available in men’s and women’s styles. We also are offering a special price on Gazelles socks and other items. Get ‘em while they last!


Rally Drinks this Saturday!

Rally, a recovery electrolyte drink Houston-based company, has supplied us with a few cases of their beverage to try out and enjoy. The drinks will be at HQ on 1/26 after the Saturday Long Run. (While supplies last!)

LVL Sweat Testing

If you’re a Gazelle that runs with us on T/TH at 7am or 8:15am, you might consider helping out our LVL friends. They need a few volunteers to wear their hydration monitor during workouts to gather data. You can sign up at HQ before the workout, come 10 minutes early to get set up. Thanks!

Trail News

Austin Parks and Rec has launched a pilot program to allow electric bikes and e-scooters on some trails. The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike at Lady Bird Lake (yes, that's the official name of the Town Lake Trail) only allows e-bikes under this pilot program, not e-scooters. Click for the full article.

Race Results

3M Half Marathon:

Abhijit Modak 1:53:10
Abigail Husbands 2:04:27
Adam Reiser 1:21:56
Alexandra Fisher 1:32:40
Alice Ainslie 1:41:09
Allen Lindow 1:50:10
Andres Delgado 1:52:18
Andrew Ramirez 1:14:51, 2nd place age group
Arno Prodel 1:32:32
Avelina Vilas 1:42:25
Barry Peterson 2:00:13
Becca Crawford 2:28:04
Bernd Lienhard 1:52:25
Bradley Fuerst 1:52:11
Brenda Wendel 2:49:19
Brian Rodgers 1:40:55
Brooke Ziel 1:32:34
Bryce Rothhammer 1:23:34
Chris Martinez 1:18:30
Chris Wolfe 1:35:54, 1st place age group
Christine Mulcahy 1:48:05
Cody McGrath 1:29:36
Colleen Stouffer 2:32:23
Dasha White 2:14:07
David Piazza 1:55:33
Debbie Tye 2:16:41
Dermot O'Driscoll 1:26:20
Diana Damer 1:55:54
Diane Carson 2:38:04
Emily Dubois 2:14:11
Eric Stouffer 2:04:21
Evan Pollock 1:22:22
Giuliano Messina 2:47:13
Grant Glauser 1:20:59
Greg Young 1:55:48
Gregory Tran 1:28:16
Haley Sahm 2:09:54
Hannah Lewis 1:34:04, 3rd place age group
Herbert Stern 1:49:18
J Red Tripp 1:48:14
James Connolly 1:57:49
James Speller 1:32:35
Jay Foster 1:30:41
Jenny Shepard 1:30:39
Jenny Norrell 1:32:39
Jenny Stone 1:46:43
Jerry Fleming 1:55:50, 3rd place age group
Jesse Booher 1:28:07
Jesse Devlyn 1:38:02
Jillian Townson 1:57:41
Joe Geisinger 1:45:09
John Posey 1:56:52
Jonathan Scott 1:57:24
Justin Wendling 1:26:50
Karen Saenz 1:31:35, 3rd place age group
Katherine Klutts 1:34:27
Kathleen Woodhead 1:53:00
Kathryn Balli 2:04:02
Keith Tilley 1:42:38
Ken Turlington 1:38:54
Kenny Hill 1:48:12, 2nd place age group
Kim Eagle 1:47:53
Kimberly Ehr 2:16:11
Kimberly Storin 1:52:28
Kippi Griffith 1:43:02
Kristen Boyd 2:05:18
Kristie Smith 1:42:51
Lance Gutierrez 1:17:32
Laura Courtney 2:20:48
Laura Jones 2:32:22
Laura Mishkin 1:54:28
Lee Bohne 1:56:48
Lee Buckley 1:27:48
Liz Pfaff 1:27:59
Lou Kohagen 1:37:06, 3rd place age group
Marcela Faidley 2:07:04
Marci Liggett 1:46:02
Mariano Camarillo 1:42:48
Megan Zellner 1:42:45
Melissa Crockett 2:18:08
Meredith Cohen 2:40:14
Meredith Gardner 1:42:13
Mia Park 2:05:48
Michael Brandt 1:42:31
Mike Morgan 1:42:40
Natalie Hiddemen 2:14:07
Nathan Neese 1:29:15
Pamela Gagot 2:01:49
Patricia Rosen 1:51:46, 1st place age group
Patrick Montgomery 1:28:00
Paul Gouge 1:45:46
Peter Lang 1:53:47
Rehana Becker 2:25:31
Reid Wittliff 2:09:24
Rhonda Marple 2:04:43
Richard Bade 1:54:40
Robert Canik 1:38:03
Robert Mazzetti 1:38:40
Rochelle Storin 2:49:55
Ross Brown 1:26:49
Scottee Downing 1:32:13
Sean Anderson 2:15:07
Sean Diehl 1:46:53
Sean Wimbush 1:58:25
Sheri Rauch 2:12:56
Stephanie Spada 2:40:15
Susan Rowe 1:49:17
Tingting Feng 2:26:47
Tracy Engberg 2:05:06
Tracy Lau 1:57:49
Tracy Quon 1:54:35
Vanessa Rodriguez 1:53:47
Victor Mieres 1:30:42
Wendy Googins 2:30:45
Zeeshan Malik 1:17:29

Houston Half Marathon:

Beth Ann Wood 2:43:15
Denise Sechelski 1:54:06
Lori Schrayer 2:00:09

Houston Marathon:

Andre Ditsch 2:50:00
Danielle Miller 3:29:09
David Lein 3:18:14
Harold Guihurt 4:24:52
Jill Frickey 3:30:57
Kim Gutierrez 3:50:34
Kristin Ashy 4:58:02
Mamie Foster 4:33:10
Marissa Pels 5:03:02
Martin Ansdell 3:41:22
Michele Anderson 4:17:26
Pam Hess 2:59:04
Rod Talavera 3:04:58
Samantha Schneider 3:41:43
Stephanie Dyer 4:11:12
Tori Howard 3:38:38

Big Bend Ultra

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