This Week With Gazelles: Sept. 24-30

Congratulations to all who raced this past weekend!

Buenos Aires Marathon

  • Bill Kerr (Results aren't posted yet, but running a race in Buenos Aires has got to be a great destination race!)

Seawheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver, Canada

  • Ria Yamaguchi 1:54:10

  • Liana Frey 1:58:09

Schlotzsky's Bun Run

  • Karen Saenz 19:34 (1st place age group)

  • Jen Barry 22:27 (2nd place age group)

Livestrong 5K

  • Jillian Curran 23:44

  • Rhonda Marple 30:16

  • Tracy Engberg 32:08

Sky Island 25K and 50K (The 50K has over 4300 feet of elevation gain)


  • Chad Whited 2:06:46 (2nd place overall man)

  • Zeeshan Malik 2:09:14

  • Angel Walter 2:15:53 (2nd place overall woman)

  • Molly Von Holten 2:31:22


  • Jay Kleberg 4:23:18  (overall 50K winner)

  • Steven Moore 5:01:48

  • Dawn McElvain 5:58:38 (overall 50K woman)

  • Murphy Reed

Gilbert’s Tip Of The Week:

When Life Gets In The Way Of Running

There are all sorts of reasons that life gets hectic and you might not be able to go for a run. You didn't sleep well. You have an early morning meeting that you can't miss. You overslept. The kids need to be somewhere early. You're just plain exhausted. Sometimes you push through and get out there (and often the workout turns out well) and sometimes you don't. 

If you are training for a race, what should you do when you miss a workout?

If you can make up the workout within 24 hours, and reschedule the next workout, go for it. For example, if you run with M/W Gazelles, go T/TH that week. Or if you run in the morning, run with the T/TH afternoon group. Just don't do back-to-back workouts (i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday Gazelle workouts). Your body needs recovery time between hard workouts.  

Once you've missed a workout without the chance to reschedule it that week, move on. Missing one or two workouts during a training cycle will not be a problem. Don't get so caught up in the schedule that you can't be a little bit flexible when things happen.

If it's a long run you're missing, do the run on Sunday—just make sure your next weekday Gazelle workout is Tuesday and take Monday to recover. Or do your long run Friday morning if you know that your weekend is going to be hectic.

If you can fit in an easy run outside of Gazelles workouts, do that. Even if it isn't the scheduled workout, go out and Run With Joy! You'll feel better mentally once you've gotten in a run.  

Upcoming Races

  • Good luck to the Gazelles running the Maine Marathon in Portland, Maine and the Wineglass Marathon and Half Marathon in Corning, New York, both this upcoming weekend.

Did You Know?

RFTW logo.png
  • Drink for the Water at Lenoir: Come celebrate the kick-off of Run for the Water! Folks from the Gazelle Foundation will be on hand to share information about the organization and convince you to sign up for the race (after you've had a glass of wine or two!) 15% of proceeds from the entire evening will go to the foundation. Lenoir is the venue with music by Jon Klekman in the wine garden from 8 - 10pm. Come for happy hour and stay for dinner. Reservations are recommended, and so are party pants. We'll see you there!

  • There’s only six weeks left before RUN FOR THE WATER! Register now for one of Austin’s best races, benefitting the Gazelle Foundation and ensuring clean water for the people of Burundi.

  • Where's Azie Morton? No, it's not a play on the old "Where's Waldo?", Azie Morton Road is a street name in Austin now and you'll want to know it. It is formerly known as Robert E. Lee Road. So, if you're heading to Spring Creek, Wilke (for this upcoming week's hill workouts), or the lollipop route, etc. you'll run along Azie Morton Road.

  • Parking meters are being installed from Cesar Chavez, all along Stephen F Austin Drive, Veterans Drive, Atlanta Drive, and the parking spots under Mopac near the Rock and AHS. The meters are not yet active, but it's reported that when they do become active, they will be required Monday - Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Be on the lookout for when those are active—don't get a parking ticket!

Member Highlight: Krista Alderman

Krista crossing the finish line at the Houston Marathon 2018

Krista crossing the finish line at the Houston Marathon 2018

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined the Gazelles in July of 2017 after deciding to run my second marathon. I had trained for the Austin Marathon earlier that year with another group in town with a goal of “just finishing.” I finished, but it was not pretty. This probably had something to do with the fact that I did zero speed work or hills… After my less-than-stellar experience, I quickly decided I wanted to try again and step up my training for my next race. I joined Gazelles to prep for the 2018 Houston Marathon and nearly cancelled my membership after my first Wilke workout 🙂. I’m glad I stuck it out though, because I was able to shave 21 minutes off my previous marathon time! I’m currently training for St. George and excited to see if I can snag an even faster time!

Krista’s other hobby: exploring the Austin food/drink scene

Krista’s other hobby: exploring the Austin food/drink scene

Which group do you run with?
I typically run with the M/W 5:30am group, but sometimes I’ll join a T/TH 5:30am when I’m not feeling particularly motivated on Monday mornings or when I just really want to challenge myself. The T/TH morning folks are hardcore!  

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I’ve grown to really like track workouts. I feel like I push myself the hardest in speed workouts when I’m on the track and can see exactly how much farther I have to go without constantly looking at my watch. I’m also a fan of time trials because I love to see proof that I am improving!

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
Besides the obvious answer of making me faster, Gazelles has been a great way to plug into a community to make me feel like a real runner. I have learned so much from Gilbert and my fellow running buddies that has helped me train a lot smarter and enjoy my workouts and races even more. I’m always picking up new tips and tricks from the veterans in our group! 

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
It’s an obvious one, but I love his mantra/tagline, “Run with Joy.” It’s a great reminder to be thankful for each run, because it is truly a blessing to have the body, mind, community, and circumstances that allow for us to log miles each week.

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Quote of the Week

"It’s not about the legs; it’s about the heart and the mind." 

- Eliud Kipchoge (men's world marathon record holder)

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