This Week With Gazelles: Sept. 17-23

Erin and Chris in WA

Erin and Chris in WA

Race Results

  • Congratulations to Erin McGann and former Gazelle Chris Garlington who ran together in the Beat the Blerch half marathon in Carnation, Washington. From the race website: "Cake at every aid station" and "Couches along the course (in case you need a nap)", among other amusing race highlights.

  • Congratulations to all of the Gazelles who ran in the CASA Superhro Run 5k, the first race of the Austin Distance Challenge. See the end of this blog post for a list of Gazelles who ran. 

  • Congratulations to Jennifer Marley who ran the Berlin Marathon this past weekend in 3:54:11.

Upcoming Races

Gilbert's Tip of the Week:

Running a Race Before Your Race

You've got it all planned. You've registered for the race, booked your accommodations and you're well under way with your training. But have you done any racing to prepare for your big “A” race? 

Here are some good reasons to race before you race:

  • Build confidence. The more often you race, the more confident you'll be in your training, planning, and race day execution. The old adage "practice makes perfect" applies here. If you're training for a longer race then you've done previously, building up by doing races at progressively longer distances will help you get stronger and more comfortable.

  • Practice race strategy. Do you tend to go out to fast? Or maybe run too conservatively? Practicing your race strategy before your A race gives you the chance to figure out what works best for you. Most people will race best with a negative split, but learning to run a negative split takes practice.

  • Practice nutrition and hydration. You've tried out different things on your long runs, but when you kick it up a notch for race day, sometimes things don't work out the same. Make sure what you've been training with works for racing as well.

  • Practice running in a crowd. Especially in bigger races, you may find yourself packed in with thousands of your closest racing friends. Just relax and take it easy for the first mile or two. If you are constantly weaving in and out of people, trying to maneuver around people, etc., you're using extra energy that you could be saving for the rest of the race. If you're a few seconds slower in the beginning of the race because you've just stayed behind people a few times, it's ok. It's better than using the extra energy early.

  • Staying motivated. Racing can be a great motivator to get up and do the training as a lead up to your A race. Plan a few races into your training and stay motivated throughout your entire training cycle.  

  • Build mental toughness. You dig deep at the end of a tough workout when your friends and training partners push you. But what about during a race when you're on your own? Racing more often will help you build the mental toughness to finish your races strong and successfully.

Remember, the goal is not to "win" every race. If you go all out for every race, by the time you get to your A race you will be worn out, exhausted and possibly injured. Keep your eye on the prize, your A race, but use the shorter distance races to help you get there.

Austin has a great opportunity to do some pre-racing with the Austin Distance Challenge. Whether you do the full challenge and the Austin Marathon is your A race or you just pick one or two of them, getting in races before your big race can be a big help.

The Gazelle Foundation's Run For The Water is coming up November 4th. What better way to practice your racing than with a race that supports the Gazelle Foundation? If you won't be running, please consider volunteering.

Is there something you'd like to see Gilbert cover in his Tip of the Week?  Email us your suggestions.

Gilbert’s Gazelles Family Photo Day 2018

Gilbert’s Gazelles Family Photo Day 2018

Thank You’s

Bake Sale treats

Bake Sale treats

  • To the Gazelles who braved the threat of rain and stuck around for Family Photo Day this past Saturday. The official photos will be available later from Holly Reed (thanks, Holly!)

  • To all of the Gazelles who participated in the Gazelle Foundation Bake Sale on Saturday, whether it was helping with the organization and implementation, baking or buying (and eating). The bake sale raised $338 which translates to 11 people in Burundi having clean water for life! Thank you Gazelles!


  • If you attended in the Saturday Seminar by Mondo Sports Therapy on 9/8, you know there was a great discussion about strength training exercises. Mondo has provided a reference sheet on those exercises that is now available on the Seminar Resources page (member's only). Check it out!

  • In case you missed it last week, Gazelles run in the rain. If there is lightning during a weekday workout, there may be an alternate workout. If there is lightning for a long run, it may be delayed or cancelled. When in doubt, check the website for updates.

  • Registration prices for the Austin Marathon go up this coming Tuesday, September 18th.

  • If you plan on running the Boston Marathon in 2019 and somehow missed it, registration continues on Monday (9/17) for those who have beat their qualifying time by more than 5 minutes. Later in the week it opens for all who have run a qualifying time. Good luck to all who have run a qualifying time. May it be fast enough to register!

  • Drink for the Water at Lenoir: Come celebrate the kick-off of Run for the Water! Folks from the Gazelle Foundation will be on hand to share information about the organization and convince you to sign up for the race (after you've had a glass of wine or two!) 15% of proceeds from the entire evening will go to the foundation. Lenoir is the venue with music by Jon Klekman in the wine garden from 8 - 10pm. Come for happy hour and stay for dinner. Reservations are recommended, and so are party pants. We'll see you there!

Member Highlight: Patricia Rosen


What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined in 2006. I had done the Austin Marathon in 2005 and missed qualifying for Boston by 4 minutes! I had heard about the Gazelles and figured I would try it. I was new to running and had no idea what I was doing! Running back and forth to the coffee shop wasn’t doing it for me!

Which group do you run with?
I currently run with the Tuesday/Thursday afternoon group but started with the Monday/Wednesday morning group.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I love the mile repeats at Barton Springs. It’s a good measure for where you are in your fitness compared to where you have been and where you want to go…. and there’s a bathroom :)

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
The community is the most important aspect of the Gazelles. The friends I have made I hold very dear to my heart and am so grateful for the opportunity to meet these folks. Martha and the gang on M/W and the T/Th folks have been inspiring to me. The trip to the Cuba Marathon with Ron, Tony, Valerie and Erin and others would never have happened without the Gazelle connection. The two trips to Grandmas were also a big highlight of hanging with the Gazelles. Chicago marathon with the Gazelles was also just fantastic! You all are the best!!!

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
”Fire your Glutes!!!!” That and “Ticky Tock”! My favorite story is the day Gilbert formed a circle for us to sing the An-Way! song and Eric new all the words in Kirundi. Well, I guess that’s a story about Eric… but it wouldn’t have happened if Gilbert didn’t teach it to us!

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

New World Record

In Berlin, a new men's world record was set as Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya ran in 2:01:39. The previous record was 2:02:57, set in 2014 also in Berlin, by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya. An interesting article about Eliud is here.

The women's world record has remain unchallenged for years. The IAAF (the governing body for marathon world records) changed the rules in 2012 such that women's records must be run in a women's only race—not a "mixed gender" race where both men and women are competing at the same time, thus eliminating the ability for a woman to be paced by a man in order to set the world record. Because of that, there are two women's world records that are recognized: 2:15:25 by Paula Radcliff in 2003 as the "Mixed gender" record, and 2:17:01 in 2017 by Mary Keitany.

Quote of the Week: "Motivation + Discipline = Consistency" - Formula written down by Eliud Kipchoge, current men's marathon world record holder.

Gazelles CASA Superhero 5K Results

Kathryn Balli 27:28 
Michael Brandt 22:34 
Dan Carroll 21:40
Morgan Carroll 25:59 
Laura Courtney 32:55 
Eli Derr 20:00 (1st age group)
Jesse Devlyn 22:53 
Rachel Dickson 26:33 
Meredith Gardner 23:54 
Grant Glauser 17:59 
Anne-Marie Griger 22:45 
Vasil Kostov 24:27 
Zeeshan Malik 17:48 
Dawn McElvain 21:02 
Mike Morgan 21:54 
Nathan Neese 20:33 
Angie Nelson-Wernli 29:23 
Liz Pfaff 21:57 
Monica Ramsey 25:23 
Adam Reiser 17:29 (1st age group)
Bryce Rothhammer 19:14 
Rosie Sanchez 33:59 
Ken Turlington 23:28 
Dasha White 28:40

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