This Week With Gazelles: Sept. 10-16

Race Results

  • Belated congratulations to Murphy Reed who ran The Ruby Mountain 50K relay, winning the Open division team (2 runners).

  • Congratulations to Tracy Lau who ran the Patagonia Marathon on Sept. 8.

  • Congratulations to all of the Gazelles who ran in the Zilker relays. A list of participating Gazelles is at the end of this post.

Great job everyone!


Saturday, September 15


Bake Sale: 7:30-8:30 AM at HQ
Gazelles are planning their recipes and there will definitely be a lot of good treats. Bring cash for the annual Gazelle Foundation Bake Sale!  All proceeds go directly to the Gazelle Foundation. If you've got a favorite dessert, make it and bring it to donate.

Gazelle Family Photo: 9:00 AM at Doug Sahm hill in Butler Park
Those who have run with Gazelles this year (and any long-time members we haven't seen recently) are asked to join us for the picture. Gilbert loves to document each year's group, so give one back to Gilbert and be there wearing a Gazelle shirt! 

If you need a Gazelle shirt for Family Photo Day, new styles are now available in the Gazelle Store.

Gilbert's Tip of the Week:

Running in the Rain

"Rain is a blessing!" –Gilbert

Austin is finally getting some much needed rain, so it seems appropriate to talk about running in it. Running in the rain during the summer is actually refreshing. Sure, it can be hard to convince yourself to head out for a run when it's raining, but once you're out there, you might find that it's truly enjoyable. If there's lightning, that's a different story*. That's a good time to postpone your run. Some tips to make running in the rain enjoyable:

  • Wear a hat or visor to keep the rain out of your eyes.

  • Make sure all clothing is wicking material and lightweight. Cotton or heavy clothing holds moisture and will make you cold after, as well as being uncomfortable during the run. This goes for socks, too. If you typically don't wear socks when you run, in the rain might be when you want to.

  • Don't over dress, especially in the summer. A lightweight jacket is ok if you want to keep the rain off, but nothing heavy.

  • Bring a post-run towel and of course dry clothes.

  • Use Body Glide, RunGuard, Vaseline, etc. on spots that might chafe.

  • Make sure you let your shoes dry properly after. Take the insoles out. You can also stuff newspaper in them to help them dry.

  • If you're racing in the rain, bring a throw-away rain poncho or large garbage bag with cutouts for arms and head to wear before the race to keep you dry until start time.

  • Don't run in heavy traffic areas and stay away from major roads. Cars are less likely to see you when it's raining and really, who wants to be splashed by a passing car? If possible, run on the trail where it's safer with no cars.

  • Splash through the puddles and have some fun! You're already wet so what's a little more? If you're actually racing in the rain, detouring around puddles will just take extra time. (Note: This last tip is from a fellow Gazelle and blog editor!)

*A reminder for Gazelles—we run in the rain. If there is lightning during a weekday workout, there may be an alternate workout. If there is lightning for a long run, it may be delayed or cancelled. When in doubt, check the website for updates.

Is there something you'd like to see Gilbert cover in his Tip of the Week?  Email us your suggestions.

Trail Detour

A portion of the north side of the trail (just west of the Pfluger Bridge) will be closed until Sept. 24 (that's the expected time-line, may vary due to weather, etc.). The temporary water barriers separating the trail from Cesar Chavez are being replaced with a permanent barrier. Runners will be detoured to the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. Full information, including a map, can be found here.

Member Highlight: Bryce Rothhammer


What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
At the end of my final fall semester (2009) I was in a bike accident. During the rehab process, the medical professionals were less than encouraging of my goal to run a marathon considering I had no running background. Over the next two years, I slowly began running, opting to avoid orthotics in favor of identifying the weaknesses and working to correct them. When we moved back to the Austin area in early 2011, one of Jan's friends (knowing that I was interested in learning to run correctly) recommended that I look into the Gazelles. That was January of 2011 and Gilbert has been trying to get me to use my glutes ever since.

Which group do you run with?
My first workout was a morning Wilke. I immediately switched to the Tue/Thur afternoon group and ran with them for 3+ years. A job change finally forced me to start running on Tue/Thur morning. I am still not happy about it but the encouragement of the group and Gilbert's enthusiasm makes it worth it.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
Despite my first experience with it, my favorite workout is Wilke. The steepness and length of the hill play to my strengths as a runner.

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
As a runner my form and durability has changed drastically for the better. When I first joined the Gazelles I was often injured, still pretty new to running and never been coached before. Most of the first two years was Gilbert telling me to slow down. Gilbert took running from something I was doing to prove doctors wrong to something I truly love. This love spills over into all aspects of life. Running becomes the reason to lift weights, go to bed early, stay hydrated and eat your vegetables. Even more important than the physical health stuff are the mental health benefits. My daily running meditation is crucial to my mental well being. I do not have the words to explain it. All I can say is that I am extremely grateful for Gilbert and the Gazelles.

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
"Use your Glutes!!!" I have been hearing it for years now. I know [Gilbert] will never give up on me. 

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

  • Did You Know: September 13th is Positive Thinking Day!

  • The Austin Distance Challenge starts in September with the CASA Superhero Run 5k on September 16th.

  • LIVESTRONG Honor 5K and 10K is September 23rd. And hey, look, there's a Gazelle (James) sporting his Gazelle shirt in one of the main pictures.

  • Good luck to the Gazelles running the Berlin Marathon this weekend!

Zilker Relay Gazelles and Results

For full Zilker Relay results, click here.

Team: Boom Pace Tumagu! (5th place, open men's division)
Zeeshan Malik
Stephen March
Adam Reiser
Justin Wendling

Team: Tag You're It (3rd place, open women's division)
Scottee Downing
Ashley Johnson
Morgan Mengini
Ingrid Ristroph

Team: Ladyzelles (5th place, open women's division)
Jennifer Kidd
Dawn Mcelvain
Liz Pfaff
Amber Reber

Team: Lady Gazelles (7th place, open women's division)
Jen Craver
Stella Harper
Tiffany Peters
Dorene Stubbe

Team: Mondo Sports Physical Therapists (14th place, corporate division)
Pieter Kroon
Cody Mcgrath
Joshua Elrod
Steffan Ihegboro

Katie Gwyn and Nadia Tamby, members of team Mondo
Stephanie Davidson, member of team Team Frickeyson
Angel Walter, member of team F.F.F.S.
Andre Ditsch and Karen Saenz, members of team Well Fermented
Tori Howard, member of team Team Apex Old Folks
Peter Flemings and Patrick Legate, members of team Ppsdf
Kathryn Balli and Luke Martinez, members of team Smokey Mountain Heroes
Brandon Kirchner, member of the team Go The Spoils By The Loop
Kati Lucey, member of the team Turos
Dan Carroll and Morgan Carroll, members of team Austin Marathon - February 17, 2019
Sasha Brown, member of team Indeed

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