This Week With Gazelles: Aug. 27 - Sept. 2

Thanks to Dr. Kristie Smith and Dr. Herb Stern for their presentation on nutrition and carbohydrate metabolism. As promised to all who were present on Saturday, summaries from their presentations are here. (Gazelles members only) 

Marathon Panel Happy Hour - Aug 29, 7:30pm

The Loop will be hosting a Marathon Panel Happy Hour on Wednesday, August 29 at 7:30pm to consult local experts about marathon season, and guess who's on the panel!? Yep, Gilbert! The full line up includes:

  • RunLab, Dr. Kim Davis – injury prevention

  • Dr. Noah and Natalie Moos – nutritionist

  • Gilbert Tuhabonye – training

  • PJ Thompson – local Austin marathoner

  • Amber Wadey – moderator

This is a private event, so RSVP is required.

Labor Day Workout - Meet at HQ

Reminder, Labor Day, September 3rd, there will be only one Gazelle workout, 7:00am at Gazelle HQ (Note: location has moved from Zilker to Gazelles HQ). Join Gazelles for a fun workout, open to all Gazelles, family, friends, and interested runners.  

For those with a pace run, meet at 6:30am at Barton Springs Pool.

Another reminder to be careful and alert when you're running on the trail or elsewhere. There have been a couple of recent reports of odd behavior on and off the trail. Whenever possible, run with others, always be aware of your surroundings, and report anything suspicious.

Gilbert's Tip of the Week:


There are more than 700 marathons scheduled in the U.S. for 2018. There are even more half marathons each year. So how do you pick one?

There are lots of things to think about when deciding on a race to run. Things to consider include:

Hometown or travel?     

  • Meals at home and sleeping in your own bed

  • Training on the actual course if you do a hometown race

  • Cost of travel

  • Will family or friends travel with you?

  • Will you make it a vacation or just go do the race and come home?

What type of course is it?

  • Is it a point to point or out and back/loop?

  • If it's a point to point, does the race provide transportation to the start or finish?

  • Is it a flat or hilly course?

  • Scenic, rural, or city with crowd support, etc.

  • Is the course USATF certified? (required for Boston Qualifier races and typically means the course is accurate, but mistakes do happen)

Is there sufficient time to train properly?
What is the weather typically like for the race?
Are you looking for a fast time, a scenic fun run or something in between?
Do you want to run with 20,000+ new running buddies or run a smaller race?
Is there a lottery or qualifying for registration?
Are there other things going on in your life that may cause stress or disrupt your training directly before the race?
Do you have a major vacation or life event(s) that will overlap with your training?

Everyone is different so the only person who can pick the best race for you, is you. But if you have questions, schedule time to talk with Gilbert during office hours. Office hours are available at Gazelles HQ on Friday mornings, 10-12pm by appointment. Email us to schedule a time.

2018 Family Photo Day - Sept. 15


Mark your calendar for Gilbert's Gazelles Family Photo Day on  September 15, 9:00am at Doug Sahm hill in Butler Park. Those who have run with Gazelles in 2018 (and any long-time members we haven't seen recently) are asked to join. Gilbert loves to document each year's group, so give one back to Gilbert and be there wearing a Gazelle shirt! We have new singlets on order for the photo, so check the store later this week for pre-orders.

Member Highlight: Anh Gordon


What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I lost my super power when I turned 40—I could no longer eat everything I wanted without gaining weight. I needed to start some sort of consistent exercise so I signed up for the Austin Half Marathon and began training on my own. At the time, I already knew Gilbert and his family because we are neighbors and our daughters swam together on the swim team. I completed the Austin Half but I hurt my knees in the process. I decided to get some expert coaching to prevent further injuries and signed up with Gilbert. 

Which group do you run with?
Currently Saturday long runs (but I have run with almost all the groups—Gilbert is great with helping me fit the classes into my schedule)

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I like running hills.  It is a hard and heavy workout for me but I like the feeling of accomplishment at the end.

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
I joined the Gazelles for the coaching but stayed for the fun and varied workouts and the people. I am not a fast runner and I love that there is no judgement from fellow Gazelles, only lots of cheering and encouragement. I also love the diversity—on any given Saturday I find myself chatting with beginners and Boston veterans, triathletes and 5K specialists, teachers, lawyers, moms and dads with babies in strollers or fur babies on leashes. It’s great to meet so many people from so many walks of life, all sharing this great sport.

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I love how positive and encouraging Gilbert is and how he motivates me to believe in myself. I still find it amazing that he can tell who people are from far away just by the way they run.  

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

  • Quote of the Week: "Plan your run, run your plan."

  • Registration fees for the 3M Half Marathon (race date January 20, 2019) increase after Tuesday, August 28th.

  • The Austin Distance Challenge starts in September with the CASA Superhero Run 5k on September 16. September 6th is the last day of all-in-one registration. After that, registration must be done separately for the Distance Challenge and each individual race.

  • The Zilker Relays are coming up soon on September 7. If you're not running, head out and cheer on your fellow runners.

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