This Week With Gazelles: July 9-15

It's hot, it's humid, and sometimes it's hard to get out there and run. We are officially in the "dog days of summer" (see below for more on that phrase), but that's no excuse not to get out and enjoy your workouts. What's your favorite summer time run or ritual that gets you out running in the heat? Post a comment below and let us know!

Good luck to Gazelles racing this upcoming weekend in the Sockeye Half Marathon, and locally in the Back the Track Relays.

The Sockeye Half Marathon is part of the Alaska Salmon Runs, which include the King Salmon Marathon, Sockeye Half Marathon, Coho 10K, Humpy 5K and Smolt 1K fun run/walk, named after the five species of salmon native to Cordova Alaska where the races are held.

The Back the Track Relays are on Saturday, July 14 at Austin High track starting at 6:00 pm. You can still register (through July 11) to run the various track events from 50 meter to the mile—both adults and youth. If you're not running, come cheer on your fellow Gazelles. Other field events start at 7:00 PM.

Half/Full Marathon Training

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There will be an information session on Saturday, July 14 at 8:30 am at Gazelles HQ if you are considering running a marathon or half marathon this fall/winter. A lot of members will training for Gazelles' annual destination race on December 2nd, the California International Marathon in Sacramento. Come by and learn about our training program and meet others training for CIM and other fall/winter races.

November marathon and half marathon training began July 2, but you can still sign up. November races that Gazelles will be training for include: New York Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon and Havana Marathon and Half Marathon, among others. Pick a race and join us!

  • Zilker Relays: The Zilker Relays will be held on September 7, and we encourage you to start planning your teams now. If you would like our help in getting a team together, please email and we'll start a members-only page to help you find some teammates. If you already have a team, send us your team roster so we can post that, too!

  • Do you consistently run (recovery) on your non-Gazelle days? Are you looking for others to run with for your recovery runs? If we hear from enough people that are both running consistently and looking for running partners, we'll set up a members-only page with details so you can easily find people to run with on your off days. Please include day(s) of the week, start time, distance and pace for the recovery run. Email us,

Member Highlight: Megan Zellner

Diva Half.jpg

How long have you been a runner?
I started running for fun in college, but not seriously until I joined Gilbert's Gazelles in the spring of 2005. I did my first half marathon earlier that year and wanted to get faster. Let's be honest though, for the first three years with Gilbert, I was just there for the laughs and the beer—I mean coffee—with friends after workouts. I swore I would never run anything longer than a half, but sometimes you get jealous of those folks coming in from their 20 milers. I ran my first full in Austin 2008, but really committed to lifestyle and diet changes while training for Chicago in 2010.

Which group do you run with?
I currently run with the Tu-Th 5:30 am class that starts at 5:30 exactly, thank you very much. 

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I LOVE track work, especially 800's. It's the perfect distance. And burpees. Any workout with burpees is okay by me. 

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Gilbert has THE BEST sayings. My all time favorites are "Toss the Cookie" and "Chop the Hip," referring to arm movement in running form. I have a wonky left elbow situation to my stride, and he used to find sticks on the ground and make me run with them. There was one summer that I had eight sticks in the trunk of my car. 

You didn't ask this, but being a Gazelle has been one of the most impactful parts of my life over the past 14 years. The time that we commit to wrapping our lives around training and recovery is one part, but all of the connections you make are so much more meaningful! My Gazelle friends have been part of every milestone I've celebrated since joining, and it has genuinely become an extension of family. 

Megan at Run for the Water in 2011, two weeks before her daughter was born.

Megan at Run for the Water in 2011, two weeks before her daughter was born.

Megan running in her wedding dress in 2008.

Megan running in her wedding dress in 2008.

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Did You Know?

The term Dog Days of Summer really has nothing to do with our four-legged, furry friends. It has to do with the star Sirius, or the "dog star" according to the Greeks. It's a phrase used to describe the 20 days before and after Sirius is aligned with the sun, which is July 3 through August 11. 

If you want to read more about the Dog Days of Summer, here are a few links: Farmer's Almanac, National Geographic and Wikipedia.

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