This Week With Gazelles: July 23-29

Race Results

Congratulations to Gazelles who ran this past weekend in the Orange Leaf 10K:

Scottee Downing (41:51) First place overall woman
Morgan Mengini (41:56) First in age group
Ashley  Johnson (42:14) Second in age group

Good luck to the Gazelles running the San Francisco Marathon this coming weekend. If you or someone you know is running a different race this weekend, email us!

We're Heading to the Hills. 

This week, training is back to hill and strength based workouts, so get ready for hill repeats! We will be doing a "short, medium, long" workout, which is running three different distances up the hill. Gilbert will provide more details at the workout. The later half of the week is speed / turnover work.

Gilbert's Tip of the Week: Hill Running

Gazelles use hills as a way of building leg strength and speed. The focus for this week's hill workout is form, focusing on being tall, knee lift, and pushing off hard while going up the hills. On your way back down the hill, jog as recovery focusing on leaning down the hill. Don't lean back and "put the brakes on," that will overtax your quad muscles. After the uphill repeats, run backwards up the hill for muscle balance.

Yoga class will be cancelled 7/29. Class will resume again 8/5.

Did You Know?

One of the many benefits of being a Gazelle is access to Physical Therapists (PTs). We have practitioners from two PT offices who come to Gazelle workouts during the week to provide free injury assessments/evaluations, which include taking a brief history, an examination of your injury and explanation/advice on what to do next and how to help yourself. Under Texas State Law, PTs must have a referral (prescription on file) from a physician in order to treat a patient. Because of this, the PTs who come to Gazelle workouts only evaluate and provide advice, they can not treat you without a referral. Take advantage of this amazing part of your membership at the following times:

  • Monday 6:15-6:45am at the workout location (check the Gazelle schedule for location) with "Dr. Ross," Ross Bomben, Performance Therapy Group

  • Wednesday 5:30-7:00am at Gazelles HQ with Cody McGrath, Mondo Sports Therapy

  • Friday (open to the public) from 12-1pm at Gazelles HQ with Pieter Kroon and/or Katie Gwyn, Mondo Sports Therapy

THANK YOU to our wonderful PT partners!

Special Gazelles Shop Night at The Loop!
Saturday, Aug. 4 at 6:00 pm.

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, August 4th, The Loop will host a private, members only, Gazelle Shop Night! Discounts up to 40% and other special promotional sales just for Gazelles and any friend or family member you want to bring. Drinks and light bites provided. Please RSVP so they know you're coming. With this RSVP you are subscribing to the Loop newsletter.

Marathon and Half Marathon Training

Planning on joining Gilbert's Gazelles for a December marathon or half marathon? Maybe the Gazelles destination race of CIM? Register now for Gazelle training! And, it's also not too late to sign up if you're doing a November race. Come join us!

Member Highlight: Beth Williams


How long have you been a runner?
I started running in 2007. I did the Austin Half Marathon as a way to raise money for Blue Dog Rescue. I trained on my own with my dog, Lucky.  

Which group do you run with?
Tuesday/Thursday morning

What's your favorite workout and why? 
That's hard but I have to say mile repeats because they are so tough and you feel so rewarded when you are done. That little hill is a killer and there is something about the route that's dark and intimate so I just get lost in my thoughts in the best way. I feel like I can take on anything afterwards. Also, it's Elizabeth Rogers most hated and I like to see her challenged. ;-)

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
When I finished that first Austin Half Marathon in 2007, I looked over at the finish line for the full [marathon] and was instantly inspired. I set an immediate goal to complete a marathon. I had seen a bunch of Gazelle shirts and signs on the course, so the next day I signed up with Gilbert. Advertising works! 

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
There are so many! I love the way that Gilbert connects people. He has paired me with some of the best running partners who turn out to be like family to me. I know he has done this for so many others and it's created one of the most supportive and enabling communities I've ever seen.

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Recent Press

Gilbert was recently featured in The Texas Optimism Project. From their website: "The Texas Optimism Project is a sponsored initiative between Texas Monthly and Frost Bank. The project aims to inspire optimism through stories of extraordinary Texans." Read the interview here

Gilbert was also a recent speaker for the In the Practice Series at Lulelemon. As always, Gilbert inspired joy in all who attended.

Gilbert speaking to a full house at Lululemon

Gilbert speaking to a full house at Lululemon

  • Zilker Relays: The Zilker Relays will be held on September 7, and we encourage you to start planning your teams now. If you would like our help in getting a team together, please email and we'll start a members-only page to help you find some teammates. If you already have a team, send us your team roster so we can post that, too!

  • Do you consistently run (recovery) on your non-Gazelle days? Are you looking for others to run with for your recovery runs? If we hear from enough people that are both running consistently and looking for running partners, we'll set up a members-only page with details so you can easily find people to run with on your off days. Please include day(s) of the week, start time, distance and pace for the recovery run. Email us,

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