This Week With Gazelles: June 4-10

Congratulations to Gazelles who ran in Newport Oregon and San Diego this past weekend:

Jessica Shields – Newport Marathon: 3:39:12
Ashley Patek – San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon: 3:59:37

Also those who ran locally at The Ranch trail run:

Tong Jett: 1:26:51
Lori Schrayer: 1:29:40
Jennifer Marley: 1:34:16

Justin Wendling: 2:55:56 (4th place overall)

New summer training times start this week:  

Gilbert's Gazelles/Half or Full Marathon Gazelles
M/W 5:30am or 7:00am
T/TH 5:30am, 7:00am or 5:30pm
(Note: 8:15am and 9:15am groups move to 7:00am)

Youth Gazelles
M/W 8:00am

High School Gazelles
M/T/W/TH 8:00am

Youth Summer Camp
June 4-8  8-10am
June 11-15  8-10am

Gazelles training for the Austin Mile Challenge

Gazelles training for the Austin Mile Challenge

Upcoming local races and events

Wednesday, June 6: Global Running Day! Show us how you celebrated by tagging us on Instagram #gilbertsgazelles.

Thursday, June 7: The Maudie's Moonlight Margarita Run. A fund raiser for The Trail Foundation.

Saturday, June 9: Beer Mile ATX to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at The Yard in south Austin. They will have shirt printing on site, cold beer, music, and food truck all for a great cause! Gazelle members can get a $5 discount, see the forum post for details.

June 23: Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Festival & 5K/10K at Mueller, This one has an interesting perk for the winners – the male and female runner with the fastest time for each 5K will win entry into the 2018 Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon on December 2.

June 23: Fun Stop 5K, formerly known as The Keep Austin Weird 5K

June 25: Drink for the Water Happy Hour benefiting The Gazelle Foundation. School House Pub, 6:00pm

Know of other upcoming races?  Email with info.

  • October marathon or half marathon training with Gilbert's Gazelles starts this week. Sign up and Run With Joy as your train for a fall race.

  • Good luck to Lisa this weekend at the Comrades Marathon in South Africa! According to the Comrades Marathon website: "race distance is approximately 89km (about 55 miles.) The distance is subject to change and will be confirmed in the final race instructions." and runs from Pietermaritzburg to Durban South Africa.

  • Congratulations to Gazelle Beth Williams and her husband Tarlac on the birth of their son, Atlas.

We'll miss you, Coach Amber!

We are sad to share the news that Coach Amber has decided to move on from her position as coach of Youth Gazelles. In her 4.5 years of coaching with us, Amber’s energy, charm and passion for running has touched the hearts of countless Youth Gazelles. Please join us in thanking Amber for her years of dedication to Youth Gazelles and wishing her continued success in her career.

Member Highlight: Jill Gajkowski


How long have you been a runner and when did you join Gazelles?  
I started running in 2012 to get back into shape after the birth of my son. After sticking with it I was amazed that I could run nonstop for an hour and started running some races. I was hooked! I joined Gazelles in March of 2014.

Which group do you run with?  
I run with the 5:30am Tuesday/Thursday group.

What's your favorite workout and why?  
I really enjoy the fartlek workouts because aside from the funny name, it's fun to push the speed for a short time with some time to recover before the next push. It's a great confidence builder and a great workout. 

What prompted you to join Gazelles and/or why do you run with Gazelles?  
I joined Gazelles to take my running to the next level. Being a part of this group has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have an incredible coach who cares not only about my success as a runner, but about me as a person. When I started running I was intimidated by the idea of running with a group because what if I couldn't keep up? What I have found though is that I have been inspired to push myself harder than I would by myself, and I have made so many great friends and we all support each other. We push hard but we also laugh hard!  

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?   
When I first started running with the Gazelles, I was really freaked out about running on the trail in the dark. It was my first fartlek trail workout with the group and I was a little edgy anyway, and then out of nowhere Gilbert jumped out in front of us and I screamed bloody murder. Then my running buddies started laughing and then when I realized it was Gilbert, I started laughing too. This was my first realization that this legendary runner and coach was a big prankster and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Why do we run a time trial?

The purpose of the time trial workout is to 1) learn what pace ranges you should be running to train smart and help prevent injury and 2) help you find people who run your same pace. 

Gilbert will go over the details of how to do the workout before you start, but basically the workout consists of running 2400m with the majority at 80% of max HR, the last lap a little faster. After the time trial, take your time and distance and plug it into the Pace Calculator on the website. The results are not your expected race time! You use the results to pace your training runs, especially long runs and easy/recovery runs. The Gazelles speed and strength weekday workouts will help you improve to where you want to be on race day, as long as you train consistent and smart. 

We'll do these time trials once a month for the next few months so you can measure your progress and confidently know that your training is going in the right direction. Trust Gilbert and trust your training!


Gazelles Yoga

We are now offering Gazelles Yoga every Sunday morning at 8:30am at Gazelles HQ. The first session was a success with a great turnout and a great workout led by Angie. Join us next Sunday and help your body recover from all those weekly miles. Bring your own mat. (Note: the parking garage is not available for validated parking on Sundays. Park on 2nd Street (Electric Avenue) if you don't want to pay in the parking garage.)

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