This Week With Gazelles: July 2-8

Welcome to July!

Of course that means the 4th of July is here! Join us for the Gazelles' 4th of July Friends and Family Run & Fun – open to everyone, friends and family included! Meet at Gazelles HQ at 7am for a community 3-5 mile run on the trail followed by drills. Gilbert will provide the cold watermelon and feel free to bring other snacks or drinks you'd like to share. The Loop will be open for the time that we’re there and then will close for the day.

Note: There will be no other workouts on Wednesday, including core, youth or high school workouts. 


Be sure to wear red, white and/or blue for the holiday workout. There are a few red and blue options in the Gazelle Store if you need one!

We have also recently added Milestone Pods to the Gazelle Store. If you aren't familiar with the Milestone Pods, they attach to your shoe and collect data about your run. Not only mileage and pace, but cadence, foot strike, rate of impact, etc. is collected to help you monitor your training. If you purchase your pod through the Gazelle Store, your pod will be synced to the Gazelle account where members can see weekly results.

For July training, Gazelles will continue to rebuild, recover and refresh with circuit and running on softer surfaces for the first two weeks. The second half of the month we'll get back into more strength and speed workouts with a few hills and longer intervals.  

Gilbert surprises some Gazelles at the dam water stop on Saturday's long run.

Gilbert surprises some Gazelles at the dam water stop on Saturday's long run.

Half/Full Marathon Training

November marathon and half marathon training starts July 2nd! It's not too late to sign up. November races that Gazelles will be training for include: New York Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon and Havana Marathon and Half Marathon, among others. Pick a race and join us!

Gilbert's Gazelles will host a training information session open to the public Saturday, July 14th at 8:30am at Gazelles HQ to help answer any questions you have about Gazelles training. If you are thinking about running a marathon this winter (Nov/Dec/Jan), join us for this short info session to learn about the Gazelles training method and program.

If you still want to train with Gazelles for an October race and have already been running consistently, you can still join. December race training begins August 1. Registration starts July 14.

Youth Gazelles Summer Camp

Youth Gazelles Summer Camp

  • July 9-13 is the last week of 2018 Youth Gazelles Summer Camps. Sign up now for a fun week of running with Gilbert.

  • Gazelle Yoga started last month and is going strong! Join fellow Gazelles on Sunday mornings at 8:30am at Gazelles HQ for Hatha Yin with Angie. Bring a yoga mat and water. Note: The parking garage is not available on Sunday mornings, however street parking (on 2nd Street/Electric Dr.) is free on Sunday mornings.

Upcoming local races and events

July 14: Back the Track meet at the Austin High track. This year instead of just the one mile event, there will be 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m 800m and long jump.

September 7: Zilker Relays. (Kenny Hill is looking to put a team of senior runners (50 years and over) together. If you'd like to join Kenny, email us and we'll put you in touch.

Know of other upcoming races?  Email with info.

Member Highlight: Karen Saenz


How long have you been a runner?
I’ve been a running almost all my life. When we were kids, my parents would take my sister and me to the track at Anderson to go “running.” At first we just played on all the football equipment! But somehow we reached an agreement that we would get a king-sized Snickers bar if we ran faster than the last time.

Which group do you run with?
I run with the Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 am group. They’re really fast and they never seem to eat Snickers bars.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
400’s is my favorite workout! I like to run hard and I like to rest, so it’s perfect!! 

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I’ve always loved running, but I never was part of a team. My first chance to ever have coaching was when Ivi Kerrigan introduced me to Gilbert after dusting me at a 5K. She completely amazed me with her running and then I heard them talking to each other after the race with their mysterious accents. I thought they were famous and knew I had to find out. That was 2004? And they are famous.

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I’m going to cheat and answer both 😁—my favorite Gilbert-ism is “Bandana, run with your LEGS!!” (This came when I asked for an honest critique of my running form). And by far the best story is that Gilbert introduced me to my sweet husband 13 years ago when he set us up on a blind date! Albert and I have three beautiful children now, who wouldn’t be here without Gilbert. We love you, Gilbert!!!!

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

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