This Week With Gazelles: June 25-July 1

Renee Reynolds (left) and Leslie Barclay (center) with Renee's mom (right) in Ruidoso, NM

Renee Reynolds (left) and Leslie Barclay (center) with Renee's mom (right) in Ruidoso, NM

Congratulations to Gazelles who ran the Ruidoso Half Marathon this past weekend.

  • Leslie Barclay 1:55:58 (second in age group) "This was a tough half—think Mt. Bonnell, Wilke, Spring Creek plus a few more hills all in one race, all at 7000 feet elevation. It was fun, in a hilly way."

  • Renee Reynolds 1:59:47 (4th in age group)

July 4th Workout

Join us for the Gazelles' 4th of July Friends and Family Run & Fun – open to the public! We will meet at Gazelles HQ on Wednesday, July 4 at 7am for a community run on the trail—bring your family and friends! After the run, stick around for drills and watermelon plus any snacks or drinks you'd like to bring. The Loop will be open during the party, but will be closed for the rest of the day.

Note: This will be the only Gazelle workout on Wednesday the 4th. Core class will also be cancelled for the holiday.

Gazelles Forum Closing Reminder
As we noted last week, we have decided to take the forum page down by the end of June. In place of the Forum, we hope you will turn to the blog for important Gazelle news and updates. We encourage you to continue sharing personal news and/or ideas with the group by emailing them to our blog team for inclusion in the weekly update.

Saturday Water Stops
Our water stop team works hard (and early!) to provide water and Gatorade every Saturday, but sometimes the unexpected happens and things don't go as planned. We apologize for the missed stop this past Saturday and will do our best to not let it happen again. We appreciate your understanding.

Half and Full Marathon Training Information Session

A Gilbert's Gazelles training information session will be open to the public Saturday, July 14th at 8:30am at Gazelles HQ. If you are thinking about training for a marathon this winter (Nov/Dec/Jan), join us for this short info session to learn about the Gazelles training method and program.

Gazelles training for fall races is already underway. Our half/full marathon packages are currently available for October or November race training. Races in December will begin training August 1 with registration beginning July 14th. 

Upcoming local races and events

June 25: Drink for the Water Happy Hour benefiting The Gazelle Foundation. School House Pub, 6:00pm

July 14: Back the Track meet at the Austin High track. This year instead of just the one mile event, there will be 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m 800m and long jump.

September 7: Zilker Relays. This is a long way off, but registration is just $35 per person until July 2, so get your team together now and register! Kenny Hill is looking to put a team of senior runners (50 years and over) together. If you'd like to join Kenny, email us and we'll put you in touch.

Know of other upcoming races?  Email with info.

Member Highlight: Margaret Low


How long have you been a runner?
I started running casually and very sporadically with my Dad when I was a kid—typically we ran about 2-3 miles.

Which group do you run with?
I run with the early Tues/Thurs morning group.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I like fartleks and pace runs. I never ran track growing up and don't have a wide range of speeds so the track has always been intimidating to me. I like fartleks because you aren't on the track, ha! I like pace runs because I'm more into endurance than speed. 

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I had heard a lot about Gazelles through the general running community in Austin. I was nervous to join because I always heard Gazelles were fast! I joined in the summer of 2008 to train for the NYC marathon and have considered myself a Gazelles ever since, even though I've been in and out of running due to having babies the last 7 years!

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I can't think of a favorite story about Gilbert but he's impossible not to like—he's so encouraging and his joy around running is contagious. And, he continually makes us all laugh! 

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

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