This Week With Gazelles: May 7-13

Reminder in case you missed it this past Saturday: Saturday long run start time has moved back to 5:45am for the summer. The 6:30 and 7:00 group start times have not changed.

Also long run related: If you noticed that some of the water stops had something different this past week (5/5), you're right! We tried Nuun in some of them. That was just a one-time trial for now, we'll be back to Gatorade next week.

Welcome New Gazelles / Returning Gazelles:
Stephen Brady
Niccole Crank
Ariel Doran
Jessica Ewing
Nick Gallardo
Mark Hutcheson
Sabine Jimenez-Williams
Tracy Lau
Kati Lucey
Sarah Marshall
Michael Morgan
Lauren Pahmiyer
Dawn Psaromatis
Hannah Rabin
Matt Smith
Richard Tackett
Laura Tanner boone
Keith Tilley
Jillian Townson

Recent Races / Events: Congratulations to all who have run races / events recently:

  • Silo District Marathon / Half Marathon (5/6)

  • Sunshine Run 5K and 10K (5/6)

  • Vancouver Marathon (5/6)

  • Colorado Half Marathon (5/6)

  • R2R2R / R2R (5/4)

  • Belated congrats to the Gazelles who ran Tangle Rogue Trail series on 4/29

See the end of this blog for results, where available.

Reminder: Saturday, May 12th, is the Fall Marathon / Half Marathon information session at Gazelle HQ, at 8:30 am. If you're thinking about running a fall marathon or half marathon, come check it out. Full details are here.

Spring for the Water is this Wednesday, May 9th. This is the Gazelle Foundation's annual celebration to benefit clean water projects in Burundi, Africa. Gilbert would love to see you there!  Click for more details about the event and the Foundation's mission.

This June and July, Gilbert will be adding a High School Gazelles group for any high school runners wanting to improve their performance in Cross Country and Track competition.  

Don't forget to sign the kids up for Gazelles Youth Summer Camp! We will have two camps in June and one camp in July. Check here for dates and registration.

Member Highlight: Jessica Maher


How long have you been a runner and when did you join Gazelles?
I have always run in team sports like basketball, but I started running races during college. I got into the NYC Marathon through the lottery in 2008 (my first) and had the very good fortune of randomly choosing the Gazelles as a running group. I’ve never looked back!

Which group do you run with?
I started with the M/W “friendlies” in 2008 and only recently switched to the M/W 5:30am group for work and kiddo reasons. I love it!

What's your favorite workout and why?
I really love all of them for different reasons – except maybe the mile repeats. If I had to choose, though, it would probably be one of the hill workouts. I like the short-term goal of getting up them, no matter how hard. I always feel a real sense of accomplishment and a booty-burn. Good stuff!

What prompted you to join Gazelles and/or why do you run with Gazelles?
Like I said, I joined in order to get through marathon training with other people. But I stayed because Gilbert is so positive. It’s infectious. People show up with smiles on their faces, knowing how hard they are going to work. We’re all choosing to be there. It feels like real comraderie, like we’re kids on a team together. 

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Every day has a Gilbert story. I don’t think there is any one “ism” that stands out more than another, but what has always struck me is how he really seems to know and care about people. He’s not too big for his britches. At this point, he must be the unofficial trail ambassador, right? Beyond that, though, he is really good at bringing out the best runners in all of us. There have been so many times I thought I just ran my last lap, he’ll ask me to run another, and I’ll do it even though I’m totally pooped because I know deep down I can. That’s an awesome feeling to have as an adult. 

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Did You Know?

The Trail Bridge at Congress Avenue update is underway and will replace the outdated wooden bridge under Congress making it safer and adding a new space to view Lady Bird Lake. As mentioned on the Trail Foundation website, "The new bridge will enhance pedestrian and bicyclist safety; make the area ADA-accessible; increase the width of the Trail; greatly improve the visual appeal; provide connectivity with the Waller Creek area; create a beautiful site from which to view the Congress Avenue bats; and lower the city’s maintenance costs."

Note that at some point in the next few weeks, the existing trail will be detoured to allow workers to tie the new section into the existing trail.

Early construction

Early construction

Current progress

Current progress

From The Loop

Donate Your Old Shoes: The Loop has partnered with friends at Mobile Loaves and Fishes to do something good with your old running shoes. Donate the old pair and receive $5 off your new shoe purchase. All shoe donations are distributed to the Austin homeless community. Note that active Gazelles get 15% off shoes as members, so either 15% or $5 off, not both.

Race Results

Vancouver Marathon & Half Marathon:
Marathon Results
Lisa Hernandez-Bobrow   4:15:28
Kelsey Nickerson   4:40:56

Half Marathon Results
Ginger Bane   1:48:06
Ryan Bane   1:48:06

Mini-Indy Half Marathon:
Chad Whited   1:21:22 - 9th in age group

Colorado Half Marathon:
Ginger Stoker   1:36:48 - 2nd MASTERS female

Silo Half Marathon:
Mitch Ammons   1:16:41 - 6th in age group
Zeesham Malik   1:22:28 - 9th in age group
Pam Hess   1:27:26 - 7th in age group

Sunshine Run (5K and 10K):
10K Results
Mike Fiocca   40:05 - 1st in age group
Fernando Melendez   41:05 - 3rd in age group
Karen Saenz   42:38 - 3rd OVERALL female
Jennifer Harpel   43:56 - 1st in age group
Adam Reisman   45:06 - 2nd in age group
Matias Mettala   45:25 - 3rd in age group
Ray Pena   45:54 - 8th in age group
Sophie Dale   46:44 - 1st in age group
Sydney Osgood   47:05 - 2nd in age group
Beau Clements   48:10 - 9th in age group
Liz Pfaff   48:19 - 3rd in age group
Amy Clarkson  48:47 - 2nd in age group
Josie Blackwell   50:25 - 2nd in age group
Sabine Jimenez-Williams   50:25 - 3rd in age group
Brian Rodgers   51:08 - 1st in age group
Kathleen Woodhead   55:48 - 8th in age group
Rhonda Marple   57:46 - 2nd in age group   
Mae Mouritsen   1:04:02 - 5th in age group
Claudette Wakefield   1:26:48 - 2nd in age group

5K Results
Brandon Kirchner   17:40 - 2nd in age group
Sophia Munoz   18:41 - 1st OVERALL female
David Schwalm   19:19 - 1st in age group
Evan Biles   19:42 - 1st in age group
Jay Foster   19:33 - 2nd in age group
Nathan Neese   19:36 - 2nd in age group
Eric Snader   20:17 - 1st in age group
Dallas Grant   20:42 - 1st in age group
Lou Kohagen   21:46 - 2nd in age group
Cora Dale   24:22 - 3rd in age group
Lily Grant   24:32 - 2nd in age group
Andreas Fisher   27:41 - 16th in age group
Alex Fisher   27:44 - 9th in K-9 division  

Rookie Tri:
Judy Shipway   1:27:09 - 6th in age group

Tangle 10K:
Jennifer Marley
Patrick Legate

Tangle 30K:
Peter Flemings

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