This Week With Gazelles: May 21-27

Trail Safety: A second incident

In addition to the incident reported last week, there was another incident reported a few days later on May 15th.

"At 7:45 am, a Hispanic male approx. 5'7"-5'8", looked to be in his 40's, leaned over my back and was making an intentional grunting noise as I got water under the Lamar bridge north side at the water stop. I could see his right hand, long dirty fingernails as he set his hand down on the water fountain near my head. My friend quickly stepped in so he could see and know if he grabbed me we were all three going down. I knew to turn towards him instead of letting my back to him at anytime, thinking he may try to grab my neck. I did call 311 which transferred me to 911 to give the description so they could watch for him. He stayed there as we took off running to Austin High /the rock. I usually wear my mace on a band around my upper arm but we went at 7am with lots of people around. I am always super cautious as I have two sons who are police officers and are alway mentioning to be aware. Transients are NOT always calm and can be unruly."

This just reminds us to keep running with partners or a group on the trail and always be alert of your surroundings. Stay safe, Gazelles!

Congratulations to the following Gazelles who ran the Daisy 5k:

  • Karen Saenz 20:22, first in age group

  • Brandon Kirchner 19:13

  • Anne-Marie Griger 24:58

Good luck to those running Ottawa on May 26 and Mountains 2 Beach on May 27! Run With Joy!

Upcoming Local Races and Runs

  • May 31: Group Run with Austin Marathon at The Loop, 6:30-8:30pm celebrating the 2019 marathon registration launch.

  • June 7: The Maudie's Moonlight Margarita Run – fund raiser for The Trail Foundation.

  • June 7: Global Running day Cap10K – free to participate.

  • June 9: Beer Mile ATX – raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and will be at The Yard in south Austin. Gazelles get a $5 discount. Go to the members-only forum for details.

Know of other upcoming races? Email with the info.

May 28th, Memorial Day Community Run!
Next Monday, all Monday Gazelle groups, including Youth and Far West, will meet at 7am at Zilker Park (soccer fields) for a special holiday circuit workout. We'll have some swag and giveaways, so come celebrate the holiday with us. Bring your friends and family – everyone is welcome!

Welcome the following New and Returning Gazelles to the group!

  • Kristian DeVito

  • Dana Malan

  • Alexis Segura

New Summer Hours Start June 4th

On June 4th, some of our weekly meeting times will change slightly to accommodate the heat and kids being out of school. Watch for updates on the blog and on the Training Schedule in the next week.


Member Highlight: Amy Clarkson

How long have you been a runner and when did you join Gazelles? 
I've been running since high school. Back then it was to get in shape for field hockey and lacrosse. I eventually stopped playing field hockey and lacrosse, but I couldn't stop running. I've lived a bunch of different places and running has always been a constant. We moved to Austin in the summer of 2015. I wanted to join Gazelles, but was a little nervous. I finally joined Gazelles last July. 

Which group do you run with?
I run with the M/W 5:30am group.

What's your favorite workout and why?
Haha! I'd have to say fartlek runs on the trail. Just this morning we ran one, and I could hear Joe's footsteps right behind me when I was leading one ... true motivation.

What prompted you to join Gazelles and/or why do you run with Gazelles?
I joined Gazelles to help me train for the NYC marathon. I really run with the Gazelles for the awesome running friends I have made. Everyone is supportive, and I am constantly laughing as I run. Even Kim was cheering me on in Brooklyn when I ran the a shark's hat no less. 

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Every so often I run on the trail by myself - when I work nights, my running schedule is a little off. I've passed Gilbert a bunch of times on the trail. He always high-fives me and gives me a huge smile. One day I was running and felt someone come up right beside me. I was like, "who is this person?!" Sure enough, when I turned it was Gilbert. I nearly tripped myself laughing.

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Did You Know?

Chandon Chhikara is a Saint Andrew's Episcopal High School student and runner on the cross country track team coached by our very own, Gilbert Tuhabonye. Inspired by Gilbert's work to provide clean water for people in Burundi, Chandon has chosen as his senior project to help raise money for Gilbert and The Gazelle Foundation. Chandon will be running his first half-marathon on May 27 in Waco, TX with a goal time of 1:25:00. If you would like to support Chandon with his senior project, learn more about him here.

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