This Week With Gazelles: May 14-20

We need to send out belated congratulations to those Gazelles who ran the trails at Pandora's Box of Rox on May 9th:

  • Dawn McElvain 2:00:05 - Second in the women's half marathon

  • Justin Wendling 1:04:15 - First in the men's 8-mile

Good luck to those running Ottawa on May 26 and Mountains 2 Beach on May 27! Run With Joy!

UPDATE: Gazelles Run the Grand Canyon
Recently, we posted about a group of Gazelles headed out for a friendly run through the Grand Canyon. We are happy to report they had a wonderful time and they all finished their intended route. Read the full post with updates (and video) chronicling their amazing adventure.

Welcome returning Gazelle J Red Tripp back to the group this week!

Upcoming Local Races and Runs

  • The Austin Runner’s Club is hosting the Daisy 5K on Saturday, May 19 at Camp Mabry. You can get a 10% discount by using the code MK18.

  • Group Run with Austin Marathon at The Loop, May 31, 6:30-8:30pm to celebrate the 2019 marathon registration launch.

  • The Maudie's Moonlight Margarita Run is June 7. It's a fund raiser for The Trail Foundation.

  • Global Running day Cap10K on June 7 – free to participate.

  • Know of other upcoming races? Email with the info.

May 28th, Memorial Day Community Run!
In two weeks on Memorial Day, all Monday Gazelle groups, including Youth and Far West, will meet as one group at 7am at Zilker Park (soccer fields) second parking area for a special holiday workout. We will focus on strength and do some running form drills. We'll have some swag and giveaways, so come celebrate the holiday with us. This workout is open to the public – everyone is welcome!

Update on the Trail Construction at Congress Bridge: Currently, the trail is closed at the Congress Bridge while crews tie the new bridge in to the existing trail. The new bridge is scheduled to open Monday, May 21 and it looks like crews are making great progress to meet that goal.  

Did you miss the fall marathon/half marathon info session on Saturday, May 12th? No worries, email and we can send you all the information!

Member Highlight: Laura Kromann


How long have you been a runner and when did you join Gazelles? 
I’ve been a runner since the age of two. This then mostly translated to running on the soccer field, and eventually on Southwestern University’s track team under the direction of Francie Larrieu Smith. I continued running to maintain my sanity in medical school and residency and joined the Gazelles when I moved back to Austin this past year. 

Which group do you run with?
7 AM Tuesday/Thursday

What's your favorite workout and why?
I like the Fartlek workout because I love running on the hike and bike trail. 

What prompted you to join Gazelles and/or why do you run with Gazelles?
My best friend Jillian, who has been my running buddy since college. 

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I love his saying “Run With Joy,” because life is too short to be so serious all the time.

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

The Gazelles Foundation: Spring for the Water

Photo by Jess Warren

Photo by Jess Warren


Spring for the Water was a great success. Together, we came together and transformed lives.  

2018 Spring For The Water's goal was twofold: to celebrate all that has been accomplished, and to raise funds to complete the final project in Songa and embarking on our first project Matana.

To build the first water system in the new region (Matana) will cost $55,000. Upon completion it will provide 3,000 men, women and children with clean water. People on average walk two miles to collect water and the containers weigh 50 pounds. After our project is built, the average distance will be 1/4 mile – ONE TIME around the track. We want to start this project in January 2019 and finish it in April 2019.

If you were able to join us last week, thank you for embarking on the journey as we bring clean water to people in Burundi and truly change the world. The road is long. If you missed your opportunity to help during the Spring for the Water event, you can still help our ongoing effort with a gift for the water by donating here.

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