This Week With Gazelles: April 30-May 6

TIME CHANGE FOR SUMMER! Saturday, May 5th, the long run start time is moving back to 5:45am. If you show up at 6:00am your group may be gone, so be sure to arrive by 5:45 am! Shorter distance routes (less than 10) will continue to start at 6:30am.

Sending out belated CONGRATULATIONS to Kristie Smith (3rd in age group) and Victoria Mueller (3rd in age group) in the First Responders Half Marathon in Waco on April 22. Great finish, ladies!

Sunday, April 29th was the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon, a Gazelle destination race. Congratulations to all who ran! (Results are posted at the bottom of this post.)

Also on April 29th, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Marathon, we had two Gazelles finish strong: Bryce Rothhammer 3:00:31 and Jennifer Harpel 3:39:14.

Good luck to Ginger Stoker for her upcoming half marathon in Colorado and Kelsey Nickerson soon to run in Ottawa!

Mike Johnston_Gazelles.JPG

Have you seen the mural yet? Artists and Gazelles, Mike and Erin Johnston just completed the Run With Joy! mural inside Gazelles HQ. Give them thanks and high-fives for the awesome backdrop that will inspire us every day. (BTW, it's a great Instagram wall – make sure to tag #GilbertsGazelles in your photos.)

Member Highlight: Denise Sechelski


How long have you been a runner and when did you join Gazelles?
I’ve been a runner as a grown-up for 35 years, and I ran track when I was a kid. I’ve been a Gazelle for 3 years, although it feels like forever. In a good way.

Which group do you run with?
I run with the Tuesday-Thursday (Friendlies) at 7:00am.

What's your favorite workout and why?
I love fartleks because there’s so much support from your buddies as you each take turns leading the “hard” segments. A few of my fartlek runs are among my proudest Gazelle moments and are ingrained in my memory, because my mates were awesome and really pushed and supported me. On fartlek runs you can really drop the hammer but you don’t have to drop it for long.

What prompted you to join Gazelles and/or why do you run with Gazelles?
I had wanted to join Gazelles for years, back when my daughter started kindergarten and I thought I would have more time for a structured running group. Ha! I didn’t actually join until my daughter was 13 and dabbling in running herself. She joined her Gazelle group and I joined mine. It’s true: “Once a Gazelle, always a Gazelle.” Once you meet Gilbert, how could not run for him??

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Oh, that’s easy! When we first met, Gilbert called me Susan, because I looked like a Susan to him. I would sign texts to him “A.K.A. Sue” because I wasn’t sure he knew my real name. After a while, I revealed that my middle name really is Sue. He looked like he had been struck by lightning! So cosmic! Now that's what he mostly calls me, and it's what I put on my race bibs. I will answer to any name Gilbert gives me!

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Did You Know?

  • We're into a period of training (April/May) that Gilbert calls Rebuild, Recover and Refresh. For those not training for a specific summer or early fall race, the regular workouts will focus on rebuilding a solid base, including core strength and form. Many of the workouts will be on softer surfaces (trail and grass) to give the legs a break and allow the body to fully recover and refresh before fall racing season training starts.

  • Portland Marathon cancelled! Last week, a report came out stating the former race director illegally borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars. On Friday (4/27), the Portland Marathon board of directors officially cancelled the marathon for 2018.

From The Loop

  • Reminder: If you're interested in a charge service account at The Loop, please see Pam or Ryan to get set up.

  • Monday, April 30: The Loop is partnering with Mod Fitness for a barre/pilates class out on the lawn near HQ. Gazelles who attend the class will get another free class at one of their locations (2 free classes total!) RSVP here.

Eugene Marathon and Half Results

Morgan Mengini 3:08:20
Theresa Brotzman 3:11:35
Russ McCurry 3:19:32
Alex Pasadyn 3:35:54
Anne Clemons 3:46:50
Diana Damer 4:05:04
Amisha Gidda 4:06:35
Liz Krakow 4:37:45

Kimberly Storin 1:51:01
Bernd Lienhard 1:51:01
Paula McCaul 2:01:47
Chris McCaul 2:01:47
Ken Krakow 2:59:35

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