This Week With Gazelles: April 23-29, 2018

Next up is the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon this Sunday, April 29. As this year's Gazelle spring destination marathon, there are several Gazelles running. We hope you have a fantastic race and remember to Run With Joy!

This week's workouts start with hill repeats at Meriden. TAKE NOTEMeet under Mopac, near the green bathrooms. Parking is available in the lot by the bathrooms or on Veteran's Drive. Warm up from there to Meriden for the workout. Coach will have all of the details. If you've got a marathon specific workout, you can still meet there. The second half of the week will be a progressive run on the trail and a Saturday Long Run through Rollingwood.

Congratulations to the Gazelles who ran Boston last week in what is being described as 'the worst weather the Boston Marathon has had in over 30 years.' See the end of this post for a complete list of Gazelles and times. It was definitely one to remember. Post a comment below with your experience, race reports, etc. If your race report is too long, please email it to

World Majors medal.jpeg

Major shout out to Josi Zhou and Robert Canik who ran the London Marathon on Sunday, April 22 in 3:56:21, completing the Abbott World Marathon Majors to become six-star finishers. For more information about "the majors," see the Abbott World Marathon Majors website.

Josi and Robert will be featured in a future Gazelle Talk blog post for their amazing accomplishment. Watch for it!

Mitch Johnson also ran in London, with a time of 5:55:54. The conditions in London were opposite those of Boston. London was sunny and hot. Not ideal racing conditions there either.

Congratulations to Megan Avery Zellner who ran the Diva Half Marathon in Galveston on April 22 in 1:49:20, finishing first in her age group!

Belated congratulations to Anne Hughes (2nd place overall) and Amy Farley who ran the Hell's Hills 50K in early April. Both are part of a group of Gazelles preparing for a trip to the Grand Canyon for Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) in early May. 

Reminder, for those thinking about running a marathon or half marathon this fall, Gilbert with have his first half and full marathon training information session on May 12. Spread the word to your friends who have been on the fence about joining Gazelles. More details to come on the blog and website.

Bernd Leinhard (second from left)

Bernd Leinhard (second from left)

Member Highlight: Bernd Lienhard

How long have you been a runner and when did you join Gazelles?
I started running in 2015 - my first runs were joining the Gazelles on the last 3 miles of their Saturday long runs. Who knew that in just over a year I would run a 10 miler, half marathon and full marathon!

Which group do you run with?
Given my work and travel schedule, I am a bit transient - some weeks I run with M/W mornings, other times I’ll join the later classes or even the fast guys on Tu/Th. I try to be flexible and always make the Saturday long runs.

What's your favorite workout and why?
My favorites are fartleks and speed work at the track. I really like the interval training dynamic and it always feels like an accomplishment.

What prompted you to join Gazelles and/or why do you run with Gazelles?
I joined because my wife and mother-in-law run with the Gazelles and they coerced me to get started. Now, I stay with the Gazelles because of the friends that I have made and the motivation that Gilbert provides for the goals that I set for myself. I enjoy accomplishing things that I have never done before.

What's your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
My favorite Gilbert-ism was when he sat down with me right before my first marathon and told me to "count the number of people passed at the end” and about “F.O.C.U.S.” 

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Did You Know?

When we do the "circle of trust," AKA "fast feet," the phrase you are saying is "iyo ngwe" which means "the lion." The pronunciation is "e-young way." If you haven't participated in this Gazelle custom, be sure to request it from Gilbert at your next workout.

From The Loop

  • Thursday, April 26: The Loop will have a social run at 6:30pm which will include wear testing with New Balance.

  • Monday, April 30: The Loop is partnering with Mod Fitness for a barre/pilates class out on the lawn near HQ. Gazelles who attend the class will get another free class at one of their locations (2 free classes total!) RSVP here.

  • Making purchases after runs just became so much easier! Gazelles are now able to set up an in-house charge service at The Loop. Please see Pam or Ryan for the details.

Boston Finishers

Great job, Gazelles! Weather was brutal, but you persevered!

Michael Madison 2:57:04
Johann Rudi 2:59:31
Stephen March 3:01:02
Jason Swift 3:01:03
Cale Stubbe 3:09:19
Justin Wendling 3:10:15
Hannah Moore Lewis 3:20:16
Beau Clements 3:23:04
Liz Pfaff 3:23:04
Bonnie Yesian 3:24:53
Michael Brandt 3:32:19
Angela Vega 3:32:29
Alex Fisher 3:33:28
Jenny Norrell 3:33:29
Matt Garrett 3:34:56
Jill Gajkowski 3:38:16
Paul Gouge 3:44:54
Jen Barry 3:45:19
Robin Hogan 3:47:58
Stephanie Davidson 3:47:59
Leslie Barclay 3:49:49
Chris Wolfe 3:51:17
Rohini Bochaton 3:52:47
Dorene Stubbe 3:58:17
Bill Koen 4:00:13
Brian Rodgers 4:11:33
Tif Peters 4:14:47
Kristi Ayala 4:15:36
Renee Reynolds 4:16:28
Bryce Rothhammer 4:21:58
Mary Garwood Yancy 4:32:30
Doug Dempster 4:44:04

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