Welcome to Gazelle Talk

Gilbert's Gazelles is excited to announce the launch of our blog – Gazelle Talk! This blog will be like a newsroom where members can read articles on running and fitness, get to know their fellow Gazelles and even find updates on weekly training. 

Some regular features we intend to include will be member profiles – both in-depth and short-answer interviews. With nearly 400 members, meeting everyone in person is not very likely. We want you to be inspired and wowed by your fellow Gazelles – we have amazing people in our group!

We will also include short weekly updates to give you a quick overview of the week's schedule. If we have special events, news or announcements, we'll share it here. Whether you are training for a race, training for fitness or even sidelined with an injury, we hope you will regularly check the blog and find its content useful and inspiring!

Welcome and enjoy!


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Questions or content requests? Email blog@gilbertsgazelles.com.