This Week With Gazelles: Dec. 3-9

CIM Gazelles in Sacramento, 2018

CIM Gazelles in Sacramento, 2018


Congratulations to all who ran this weekend in Sacramento at the Gazelle Destination Marathon—California International Marathon. CIM Results are at the end of the blog.

Closer to home in San Antonio, Gazelles had some great finishes:

San Antonio Marathon:
Jennifer Dale 4:30:27
Morgan Mengini 3:05:36 (2nd Overall)
Jason Swift 3:01:29

San Antonio Half Marathon:
Angela Dunham
John Posey 2:05:25

Long Run Map Changes

For those running our long run routes this Saturday (12/8), pay attention to the map! This week’s route follows part of the Austin Marathon course, but it’s not a route we frequently run, so please be prepared. Be sure to look at the directions and maps posted on Thursday.

We heard your feedback that the schedule maps didn't work well on your phones. So, the maps will now be drawn in different software. Please take a look at the maps for Saturday and let us know if it is a better experience.

Austin Fit Magazine's "The Best of 2018"

Congrats to all the winners and thank you, Austin, for letting us and our partners do what we love to do!

Austin FIt 2018.jpeg
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye: #1 in Best Running Coach (has placed first 6 years running)

  • Run For The Water: #2 in Best Road Race (has placed 6 years running)

  • The Gazelle Foundation: #2 in Best Nonprofit

  • The Loop Running Supply: #2 in Best Running Shop

  • Mondo Sports Therapy: #2 in Best Physical Therapist


Party time is 6-9pm upstairs at Whole Foods

The annual Richard Mendez Award will be presented and the 2019 Destination Marathon will be revealed.

April Marathon/Half Training (including Boston) starts this week. Register now.

Join us on December 8th at 8:00 AM at Gazelles HQ for the Spring races Meet & Greet. Meet fellow runners who will be running the Boston Marathon and other April races and ask any questions you might have about the training.

We Need Volunteers!

Decker Challenge.png

We're looking for more Gazelles to help at water stop #3 at the Decker Challenge. If you're not running, give back to your Austin running community by passing out water and cheering on runners. It's always a lot of fun! Email Susan to sign up.

Member Highlight: Erin McCarthy


What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
Three years ago my life seemed to stop with a health diagnosis. I gave up and waited for the worst—hiding on my couch. Since then, realistically nothing had changed and I was bored. I decided that I wanted to accomplish some goals before I regretted missing the chance. I wanted to run with a positive running family and found a video of Gilbert online. Everyone looked like they were having fun and Gilbert was so joyful. I decided this was the group for me. 

Which group do you run with?
I run on M/W/Sat mornings (usually with my Lady Cake friends).

What's your favorite workout and why? 
Honestly I'm happy to be running anything. I like the track workouts because I feel like I can run faster there. 

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
I'm off of my couch and facing the reality of what my diagnosis means. I'm still running today and that's what matters today. It started with Kenny getting me to run 10 miles on my first Saturday. It's expanded to being part of an amazing, supportive group, whether we've met or not, that pushes me. I've run through crying, lots of laughter, made new friends, and have knocked out a half marathon already. [Just completed] the Half CIM in December.

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
One night I went to do some laps at the track and Gilbert happened to be there. I came off after a mile for water, pouring sweat and dehydrated. 

Gilbert asked me how I was doing. I panted trying to catch my breath, "I'm hot, it's really hot out." Gilbert looked at me and replied flatly , "No it's not." So I looked at him puzzled but repeated, "No, it's not,"  put my water down and finished my laps. 

Only Gilbert would tell me Texas at sunset isn't hot and like always, Gilbert got me to push through it. For the record, it was hot. 

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Feedback on Trail Improvements

The City of Austin is conducting a preliminary study for construction of a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge crossing Lady Bird Lake near Longhorn Dam. If you’d like your voice to be heard on trail issues, take the survey here.



Alexander Pasadyn 3:57:21
Amy Clarkson 3:45:56
Andi Gillentine 4:38:32
Ashley Johnson 3:09:46
Ben Cooper 3:09:21
Brian Fauble 3:42:21
Brooke Ziel 3:23:02
Chad Whited 2:55:03
David Stephens 3:45:08
Dorene Stubbe 3:39:49
Elliot Brubaker 3:25:20
Evan Pollock 3:06:35
Gabrielle Munoz 4:31:47
Ginger Bane 4:17:04
Gregory Tran 3:07:52
Howard Nirken 3:58:43
James Connolly 3:15:09
James Kelly 4:45:35
Jen Kidd 3:05:50
Jessica Shields 3:35:11
Jessica Maher 3:43:14
Joe Geisinger 3:57:04
Josi Zhou 3:41:43
Katherine Gwyn 2:53:42
Kati Lucey 3:41
Keith Tilley 3:23:01
Kim Louie 3:46:50
Kristi Ayala 4:13:40
Kristie Smith 3:43:54
Lena Reese 3:32:43
Lisa Sutherland 3:18:50
Michael Madison 2:42:42
Mitchell Ammons 2:36:08
Molly Von Holten 3:08:51
Patrick Montgomery 2:48:37
Rhonda Marple 4:15:58
Ria Yamaguchi 3:57:36
Robert Canik 3:41:35
Ross Brown 2:50:51
Stephanie Davidson 3:29:33
Tammy Koen 4:31:31

Relay Team Ladycake 4:13:08 (Erin McCarthy and Tracy Engberg)

If we missed your name in the results, please let us know

Quote of The Week

A good run is like a cup of coffee... I'm much nicer after I've had one.

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