This Week With Gazelles: Dec. 17-23

4th Annual Gazelles New Year’s Fun Run

3rd Annual New Year’s Day Run

3rd Annual New Year’s Day Run

You may have a New Year's Resolution to start running again or you might just need some extra motivation. Either way, New Year’s Day is a great time to join (or get back to) Gazelles.  

Join our Gazelle New Year’s Day Fun Run at 9:00 AM at Gazelles HQ. 

Gazelles, friends, family—the entire Austin community are welcome. And for more motivation to come out, the first 75 runners to show up will receive a FREE commemorative T-shirt!

(If you can help with mimosas and black eyed peas, please email Susan!)

Holiday Schedule Changes

Monday, 12/24: Strength & Core class cancelled. [Late edit: All workouts cancelled]
Tuesday, 12/25: All workouts cancelled
Wednesday, 12/26: PT with Cody from Mondo is cancelled
12/26 - 12/28: Youth Gazelles Winter Camp. Register now
Monday, 12/31: Strength & Core class cancelled
Tuesday, 1/1: New Year’s Day Fun Run

Youth Gazelles meet at 9:00 AM during the holidays.

New Gazelles Socks—Just in time for gift giving!

Treat yourself (or your favorite runners) to a new pair socks. Only $12 per pair and they are available now in the STORE. Pay online and pick your socks up at HQ.


Running Through the Holidays

With just one more week until the holidays, what are your running plans? If you're not training for a race, relax and enjoy the holiday. If you're in the midst of training for something specific though, you'll need to put a little effort in to scheduling your runs during the holidays. If you have to miss one quality workout or one or two recovery runs, no big deal. But if you skip more and take a longer break, you're setting yourself up for a tough come back in the new year. Here are some suggestions to stick to a schedule:

  • If you've got a pace run during Christmas or New Year’s week, consider tacking that on at the end of your long run. 

  • Does your schedule call for a track workout and there's no public track where you will be? Substitute a fartlek instead.

  • If you're traveling, shift your workout days if necessary. Do your long run on Friday or Sunday. Also, move your quality workouts so you don't have those back to back with your long run.

  • Also for those traveling, look up a running store in your destination and see if they have a long run or group runs that you can join. Running with others, especially if it's somewhere you aren't familiar with, can make a huge difference.

Member Highlight: Jacky Roberton

Jacky with her family

Jacky with her family

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined Gazelles in the summer of 2015. My second child was a toddler and I felt like I needed to run more regularly to take care of myself and to simply have a personal goal for myself in the midst of raising babies. It seemed like early mornings were the only way to get a run in, but I knew I needed to run with a group to do that safely. I had completed a couple of half marathons before with minimal training and unimpressive results, but my goal was to just try to improve my time on a half marathon. I regularly told people I would absolutely never run a marathon because it was crazy and our bodies just weren't made to run that kind of distance. Then I was registered for my first marathon (Chicago) within a month of joining Gazelles. I took some time off to have my third baby in 2017, but, thanks to Gazelles, I was able to run more in my third pregnancy than the other two combined.

Which group do you run with?
I always run at 5:30am because if I don't do it then, it doesn't happen. Lately I'm running mostly on Tuesday/Thursday but it really just depends on the schedule of my family for the week. 

What's your favorite workout and why? 
Is it wrong to say recovery runs? If so, I enjoy fartleks on the trail with a group because we can all really push one another to stay strong in the “on” time and yet I always know if I can hang on a bit longer I'll get a quick chance to catch my breath.

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
When I was in 7th grade there were “tryouts” for athletics. I actually don't remember what all the tryout entailed, but I remember I didn't make it. In my head, I crossed off athletics as something I could excel in and moved on to dance and never looked back (which I loved and was a big part of my life through college). Being part of Gazelles and learning directly from Gilbert has turned me into what I think I am allowed to call a runner – a club in which I never thought I'd be included because that door had been closed so many years ago. I've run 3 marathons since joining Gazelles and have slowly been pushed to step my goal up each time. Thanks to Gilbert, I'm running Boston for the first time in April 2019. I never would have had the confidence to build up this skill without the inspiration and encouragement of Gilbert and my amazing Gazelle community. Some of my closest friends are Gazelles, and, without Gazelles, our paths would likely have never crossed. One particular dear friend I made in Gazelles, Laura Mills, has run nearly every step of every marathon with me and even put off running Boston in 2018 so we could both run it for the first time in 2019. If that's not true friendship then I'm not sure what is. I always say my running friends really know me best because we are together for so many miles and covering so many topics before the sun rises!

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
On more than one occasion, Gilbert has told me to “just bring your baby!” and offered to watch said baby in a stroller while I do the workout. Someday I'll bring my 7, 4, and 1 year old to a track workout and see if the offer still stands. I cannot put into words what an inspiration Gilbert has been to me on so many fronts. I'm amazed at how well he knows every runner and can so quickly determine where our weaknesses lie so we can improve. I've run 3 marathons (Houston twice and Chicago once) and Gilbert has been there to cheer me on multiple times in each of those races. What an incredible encouragement it was to know my coach had made the trip to a non-local race and was looking for me and cheering me on. It has pushed me through in those later miles when visions of quitting begin to dance in my head. There's no other group I want to run with and Gilbert is the number one reason why.


Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Informal Christmas Day Run

The “7th Annual Stratford Christmas Run” will be on, well, Christmas! Open to everyone—Gazelles, friends, family, etc. All paces are welcome!

The details:

  • Meet at Gazelles HQ, ready to go at 6:30 AM. The Loop will NOT be open so please plan accordingly. Parking is not guaranteed, so you may want to park on the street, not in the garage.

  • The Route: Cross to the south side of the trail and head towards Mopac. Turn left to Stratford and take that out to Red Bud. Red Bud over to Lake Austin Blvd. and then the trail back to Gazelles. You can of course make it longer by going extra on the trail, etc.

  • This is a totally unsupported run and is not an official Gazelle workout. Stratford is a narrow, curvy, hilly road, but the past six years that we've done this. the traffic was very minimal.

  • There is no water stop, but you can get water at fountains on the trail, or by going extra out LAB to the boat docks (if it's not too cold so the city has them off).

  • Bring your friends! This isn't a Gazelle workout, it’s open to everyone.

  • Please email Leslie if you have any questions and to let her know how many people to expect. Thanks!

Did You Know?

  • You can get your own copy of our 2018 Gazelle Family Photo! Gazelles can click here for a link and password to place an order. Thanks to the awesome photographer, Holly Reed!

  •  The next price increase for the Austin Marathon is on Tuesday, Dec. 17th.

Quote (Song) of The Week

Dashing through the race
Decked out with all my gear
Checking on my pace
Hoping the finish is near
Bells on runners ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to earn the bling
As I finish with all my might
Oh, Jingle Run, Jingle Run
Running all the way
Oh, what joy it is to run
Today and every day!

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