Balance Drills For Great Form

It happens all the time. During long runs and hard workouts, we tend to forget about our running form because we’re more focused on maintaining speed or just finishing the distance. When our body gets tired and running form goes out the window, injuries can occur. Doing balance drills on a regular basis will help not only with balance, but can improve range of motion and running form. Some basic balance drills you should be doing are:


  • These help with muscle memory and to keep or maintain speed.

  • Should be done after long runs and recovery runs. Do 4-10 strides of approximately 100 meters, depending on how long your long run was. The longer the long run, the more strides you should do.


  • Helps with hips and calf muscles.

  • Can be done after any workout or even as a supplemental workout. Includes: Short hops forward, backward and laterally, first on one leg and then the other. Hop on both legs forward, left and right.


Some of these drills are included in the circuit workout at the beginning of each month. After long runs, lots of Gazelles stay at HQ to go through the 20/20 workout, so join in or start your own group with your running buddies!

These types of drills have been a component of Gazelles workouts since day one in 2002.