This Week With Gazelles: Nov. 5-11

Gilbert’s Gazelles at Run For The Water 2018

Gilbert’s Gazelles at Run For The Water 2018

THANK YOU to all of our Gazelles for showing up and supporting the Gazelle Foundation at Run For The Water this past weekend!

(There were a lot of Gazelles running! See member results at the end of this post.)


Gazelles race results from the weekend:

Austin's Haunted Half:
Kristie Smith 1:50:21 (2nd in age group)
Victoria (Alcott) Mueller 1:53:26 (3rd in age group)
Erin McGann 3:24:11

Revel Mt. Lemmon Marathon:
Megan Zellner 3:47:05

New York Marathon:
Dermot O'Driscoll 3:10:39
Liz Pfaff 3:14:50
Nadia Tamby  3:14:52
Brooke Ziel 3:29:08
Paul Gouge 3:35:29
Elissa Steglich 3:49:33
Sasha Brown 4:53:39
Hannah Melia 5:22:30
Benjamin Asher 5:36:11

Also congratulations to Youth Gazelles at their recent various cross country meets:

UIL State Meet:
Sophia Muñoz (Austin High)
Olivia Griesmer (Ann Richards)
Elise Smoot, Kasey Hundrix, and Evan Biles (Westlake) 

TAPPS state champions:
Sydney Osgood (St Michaels) 

Regionals (Austin High team):
Trini Heidi, Cora Dale, Will Powers, Sophia Munoz, Ryan, and Mathew


What's next on your local race calendar? 

Local races coming up:

  • The 7th annual Run By the Creek is 11/11/18. Put on by the Dripping Springs Running Club. Gilbert’s Gazelle’s members are offered a 20% discount off the fee of $35 for the 5K and $45 for the 10K. Visit our Member INFO page for the discount code.

  • The ThunderCloud Subs annual Turkey Trot is coming up on Thanksgiving Day.  

  • Trail of Lights Fun Run is December 1 at 6:00 PM.

  • Decker Challenge Half Marathon is December 9th. This is the next race in the Austin Distance Challenge. Gilbert's Gazelles mans the mile 3 water stop each year. If you're not running, plan to come out and cheer on your fellow runners and help out at the water stop. It's always a lot of fun. And there might be donuts!

April Races and Boston Training Begins Dec. 3. — Registration begins Nov. 16

We will hold a short information session on Saturday, Dec. 8 to answer your questions about training and to meet other runners in the group. Don’t miss it!

Austin Marathon and Half Marathon Panel at The Loop

The Loop.png

Join us at The Loop on Saturday, November 17 at 6:30pm for a “How to” crash course on all things Austin Marathon. Whether you’re new to running or shooting for a BQ, our panel of experts (Gilbert, Allison Macsas, Robyn Dodge, to name a few) will be delivering the secrets to a successful race. Enjoy drinks and light bites and to allow for chatting and seat saving prior to the discussion. Afterwards, stick around for raffle prizes from Austin Marathon and enter for a chance to win an Austin Marathon training session with Gilbert’s Gazelles.

Member Highlight: Ginger Stoker

Ginger Stoker (L) and Lety Grimes (R)

Ginger Stoker (L) and Lety Grimes (R)

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined Gazelles in May 2013. I had just moved to Austin from Washington, DC, and I was about to start training for the Marine Corps Marathon (I registered before I realized I was moving to Austin). I Googled "marathon training" and "Austin,” and Gazelles popped up. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, so I showed up to Gazelles two days after I moved into my new apartment. Ironically, I didn't end up running MCM because I got a stress fracture in my foot, but I've been running with Gazelles continuously ever since. 

Which group do you run with?
Good question. Mostly M/W 5:30 am, sometimes M/Th 5:30 am. Whatever fits best with my current schedule.   

What's your favorite workout and why? 
My favorite workouts are 800s on the track and short, medium and long on Spring Creek—speed and hills!  My favorite long run is "Mountain" Bonnell, which is actually the first long run I did with Gazelles. I had no idea that Austin was hilly!  

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
I've definitely become faster than I ever thought I would training with Gazelles. When I first started running, I never thought that I would actually win a race or place in my age group. But more importantly, if I hadn't joined Gazelles, I'm not sure what the past 5 years of my life would have been like. I didn't know anyone when I moved to Austin, and I've met some of my best friends through Gazelles. Awesome, amazing people who I see almost every day and who I hangout with all the time outside of running.  

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
I have an unorthodox training style and tend to say what's on my mind. It cracks me up when Gilbert stares at me with a somewhat baffled look on his face and says, "Ginger, you crazy" and shakes his head.   

Ginger and Lety post-marathon in Eugene, OR

Ginger and Lety post-marathon in Eugene, OR

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.


  • LCRA has started closing the flood gates on Lake Travis, meaning the previously flooded areas of the trail are now mostly clear. On the north side, there’s still a bit of water in the kayak launch area near the east end of Austin High (does that little ramp have an actual name, anyone?), so plan on a possible detour. LCRA expects to close all of the flood gates on or before Wednesday, 11/7.

  • The parking meters along Veteran's Drive and along the road in front of the Austin High track are now active. Payment is required Monday - Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday.

Run  For The Water: 10 mile

RFTW Race Day 2018 B-32.jpg

Mitchell Ammons  0:55:36

Andrew Ramirez  0:58:14

Michael Madison  0:59:45

Zeeshan Malik  0:59:49

Grant Glauser  1:00:12

Stephen March  1:00:39

Patrick Montgomery  1:01:18

Adam Reiser  1:02:41

Chris Martinez  1:02:42

Emmanuel Toutain  1:04:04

Austin Meissner  1:04:48

Bryce Rothhammer  1:05:18

Jay Foster  1:07:42

Trey Morris  1:08:01

Nathan Neese  1:08:46

Karen Saenz  1:09:40

Murphy Reed  1:12:10

Roger Hickman  1:12:14

Victor Mieres  1:13:13

Todd Rosson  1:14:16

Jill Gajkowski  1:14:19

Katherine Klutts  1:14:23

Ivi Kerrigan  1:14:28

David Fawcett  1:14:53

Anne-Marie Griger  1:15:05

Ginger Stoker  1:15:26

Adam Reisman  1:16:07

Eli Derr  1:16:29

Ginger Bane  1:16:31

Jill Frickey  1:16:57

Danielle Miller  1:16:57

Brian Fauble  1:17:08

Brian Rodgers  1:17:46

Michael Morgan  1:18:30

Jesse Devlyn  1:19:17

Peter Flemings  1:19:47

Samantha Schneider  1:19:49

Mike Gitre  1:19:52

Bill Koen  1:19:55

Amy Westmoreland  1:19:58

Amy Clarkson  1:20:34

Martin Ansdell  1:20:50

Ken Turlington  1:20:52

Michael Brandt  1:21:13

Kippi Griffith  1:21:53

Tasha Callahan  1:22:33

Griselda Onofre  1:23:06

Tori Howard  1:23:12

J Red Tripp  1:25:01

Marci Liggett  1:25:08

Herbert Stern  1:25:09

Marissa Pels  1:25:12

Christine Mulcahy  1:25:20

Sean Diehl  1:25:46

Lety Grimes  1:25:49

Morgan Carroll  1:26:43

Dan Carroll  1:26:43

Angelena Stokes-Wickersham  1:27:26

Ria Yamaguchi  1:27:52

Bradley Fuerst  1:27:57

Rachel Arnhart  1:28:09

Amy Farley  1:28:56

Harold Guihurt  1:29:02

Luke Martinez  1:29:19

Jonathan Scott  1:29:24

Kim Eagle  1:29:43

Chris McCaul  1:30:05

Shambhu Suman  1:30:11

Shannon Hudson  1:31:05

Kathleen Woodhead  1:31:34

Ewa Kacewicz  1:31:44

Reid Wittliff  1:32:01

Lisa Hernandez-Bobrow  1:32:08

Paula McCaul  1:32:21

Tonya Dezso  1:32:33

Kathryn Balli  1:34:14

Marcela Faidley  1:34:41

Shirin Farahani  1:36:33

Rhonda Marple  1:36:34

Stacey Hamilton  1:37:29

Karen Flanagan  1:38:07

Kristi Ayala  1:38:59

Lee Bohne  1:39:30

Dasha White  1:40:23

Kasey Hickman  1:40:39

Angie Nelson-Wernli  1:42:41

Danny Munoz 1:42:41

Allison Hall  1:42:49

Michele Anderson  1:43:03

Erin McCarthy  1:43:07

Tammy Koen  1:43:11

Debbie Tye  1:44:26

Martha Broyles  1:44:39

William Kerr  1:44:41

Tracy Engberg  1:45:37

Susie Lane  1:46:44

Dorothy Hollis  1:46:57

Laura Courtney  1:49:13

Laura Jones  1:51:19

Cheryl Farmer  1:51:59

Judy Shipway  1:55:24

Rehana Becker  1:56:03

Jennifer Wilks  1:56:06

Angela Dunham  1:56:16

Brenda Wendel  1:57:19

Claudia Becerra  1:57:28

Meredith Bryant  2:05:10

Rochelle Storin  2:09:19


Run  For The Water: 5K

Rod Talavera  0:17:35

Arno Prodel  0:20:33

Katrina Heide  0:20:46

Robert Mazzetti  0:21:24

Daniel Pryfogle  0:21:42

Lou Kohagen  0:21:44

Nicolas Greiner-Guzman  0:21:58

Madeleine Hirsch  0:22:07

Bernd Lienhard  0:23:20

Kim Heide  0:24:11

Kimberly Storin  0:24:39

Kati Lucey  0:24:57

Tracy Lau  0:25:12

James Connolly  0:25:12

Gabrielle Munoz  0:25:21

Jillian Curran  0:25:28

Hillarey Squires  0:26:34

Gregory Tran  0:26:36

Jenny Stone  0:27:09

Lena Reese  0:27:52

Jan Rothhammer  0:28:07

Belinda Cross  0:29:35

Deanna Ortiz  0:30:06

Travis Nokes  0:30:20

Paul Sarahan  0:30:27

Susan Winebarger  0:30:51

Carrie Phillips  0:30:51

Casey Bice  0:31:48

Rachel McDonald  0:31:54

Anna Carrano  0:32:48

Christy Wright  0:32:51

Diane Carson  0:34:02

Amisha Gidda  0:36:37

Zachary Weiss  0:40:50

Sweepaw Shum  0:42:09

Caroline Graham  0:53:36

Ashley Pax  1:01:08

Sarah Stevenson  1:01:08

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