This Week With Gazelles: Nov. 26 - Dec. 2

Good Luck CIM Racers!

We will all be cheering on the 50+ runners heading to Sacramento for the Gazelle Destination Marathon, California International Marathon, and also to those closer to home who are running in San Antonio this coming weekend. You all are awesome!


Long Run Map Changes

We heard your feedback that the schedule maps didn't work well on your phones. So, the maps will now be drawn in different software. Please take a look at the maps for Saturday and let us know if it is a better experience.

Congratulations to Gazelles who ran the Turkey Trot!

Congratulations to those who raced in the ThunderCloud Turkey Trot in Austin, or wherever you may have been for the holiday. Results for timed runners from the local trot are at the end of the blog.

THE GAZELLE CHRISTMAS PARTY is Saturday, December 8!

Whether you've trained with Gilbert's Gazelles in the past or you've just joined us, you are invited to an evening of Christmas cheer and merriment—Gazelle style. Party time is December 8, 2018, 6-9pm at Whole Foods!

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The annual Richard Mendez Award will be presented and the 2019 Destination Marathon will be revealed.

Be there to hear the winners and celebrate another great year!

Every Vote Counts!

Also, current and past members who have trained with us in 2018, please take the member survey, which includes your nomination for the Richard Mendez Award. Your feedback is important to us!

April Marathon/Half Training (including Boston) is open for Registration!

Training starts in one week—Dec. 3!

Join us on December 8th at 8:00 AM at Gazelles HQ for the Spring races Meet & Greet. Meet fellow runners who will be running the Boston Marathon and other April races and ask any questions you might have about the training.

Upcoming Local Races

Member Highlight: Natalie Drugan

Run For The Water

Run For The Water

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined the Gazelles last August because I wanted to find a running group to train for the 2019 Austin Marathon, which will be my second marathon.

I specifically picked the Gazelles because this group offered an extra factor that I had not had before in a running group: overwhelming inspiration. Gilbert’s story along with the Gazelle Foundation makes you want to run even more. In fact, my first race after having my twin boys was “Run for the Water.” I was so moved by it that I wrote about it via social media. Here’s a snippet:

Before the official start, all runners were reminded that they were running for a particular person who desperately needed water in Burundi. I looked down at my person's name on my number and got chills. Someone else NEEDED this race. I could not let this person down and I could not let myself down. So, I ran and I ran. For the first time, I actually visualized stress and toxins falling off my back as I ran faster and faster. It was like ribbons of toxins were flying off of me. The negativity and hate in the world, the anxiety that comes with being a mother, the overload/stress of trying to do too much. It all came off!! At the end of the race, tears streamed down my face. I was happy. I was free of toxins. I was proud of myself. And, I helped someone have something so simple yet vital for life. I was so appreciative of the race and the reminder of gratitude. 

Which group do you run with?
I run with the Tuesday/Thursday group at 8:15 AM. With young, unpredictable twins, I can’t always make every practice, but I do my best and look forward to it so much!

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I love any of the workouts on the track. I have fond memories of running from my house to the local high school track with my dad. We would talk and run together in the evenings or on the weekend. I also love the energy and vibe that you glean from the track. You just feel like you are going to dominate! It inspires you.

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
Wow, it has changed my life in many ways. First off, to get to know Gilbert is such an honor. I’m reading his book, “This Voice in My Heart,” and I’ve been moved to tears by it. To know someone who has experienced such horror and not only lived to tell about it but has also spent his life defying the odds and adding so much good into the world to counteract it, is truly remarkable.

I’ve also learned so much from Gilbert and the Gazelles. I feel that my running technique is improving and my training is getting better with all the great feedback and practices. The Gazelle family is supportive, encouraging and a joy to be around. I’m really happy and feel that this is just the beginning in many ways… more training, practices, races and fun to come!

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
Gilbert is a great and entertaining storyteller, so I enjoy hearing about his experiences. And, I am amazed by how one person can know so many people by name and actually make them all feel so important. This is a real gift. He cares and it shows.

One Gilbert-ism that comes to mind is when he had us run backwards up a hill; he joined us and sang African chants to help us push through it. It was fun and it made me laugh and smile! More importantly, I didn’t focus on my burning legs!

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

  • Strength & Core and Yoga classes are all back to the regular schedule. Come out this Monday or Wednesday at 5:30 PM, or Friday at 5:30 AM for Strength & Core, and 8:30 AM on Sunday for Yoga.

Turkey Trot Results (timed runners only)

Alexandra Fisher 47:16
Ashley Johnson 41:23
Bernd Lienhard 41:00
Courtney Villalta 42:50
Dasha White 47:53
Erin McCarthy 46:44
Evan Pollock 31:06
Ginger Bane 49:15
Hannah Lewis 46:17
Ingrid Ristroph 34:45
J Red Tripp 39:32
Jesse Devlyn 35:08
Kim Gutierrez 40:25
Kimberley Sweeney 38:27
Kimberly Storin 41:00
Liz Pfaff 34:25
Luke Martinez 41:51
Martin Ansdell 38:25
Meredith Gardner 38:01
Michael Brandt 36:41
Nandan Dharwadker 42:15
Nathan Neese 31:56
Patrick Montgomery 29:12
Rachel McDonald 52:34
Randy Clarke 38:29
Ryan Bane 49:15
Stephanie Davidson 39:25
Susan Rowe 42:00
Swee Paw Shum 1:08:54
Zeeshan Malik 29:26

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