This Week With Gazelles: Nov. 19-25

Thanksgiving Week Training Schedule:

All scheduled workouts will meet as planned except the following:

  • Youth Gazelles Monday (11/19): 8:30am

  • Youth Gazelles Wednesday (11/21): 8:00am

  • Core class Wednesday (11/21): Cancelled

  • Thursday (11/22) - Members, friends, and family meet at Austin High at 7:00 AM for our workout on the track. No other workouts on Thanksgiving.

  • Core class Friday (11/23): Cancelled

  • Yoga class Sunday (11/25): Cancelled

Gilbert's Birthday Wilkes! 

Gilbert will celebrate his 45th birthday this week and invites you to join him on Tuesday (11/20) at 6:00am on Wilke. Instead of eating cake, Gilbert will run Wilke hill as many times as he can in 45 minutes. Last year he ran 13 Wilkes in 44 minutes. Let’s help him get to 15 this year! This tradition started when he turned 30 and he ran up Wilke the same amount as his age—30 times! He continued that tradition until he was 41 when enough people convinced him that 41 was too many and they didn't want him to get injured. Come support coach on his favorite hill and wish him a happy birthday!

Wilke 2017

Wilke 2017


Congratulations to Gazelles who ran this past weekend

Cypress Half Marathon (Late results and belated congratulations):
Rod Talavera 1:18:31, overall men's open winner

Philadelphia Marathon:
Cynthia Vansant 4:07:26
Taylor Swiedom 3:31:20

Chosen Half Marathon:
Dawn Psaromatis 2:50:56

A big group of Gazelles made a day of the Shiner Beer Run—Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K. Not only did they place well in many age groups (overall women's and women's masters!), they also had a lot of fun traveling by chartered bus to and from the race.

Shiner celebrations

Shiner celebrations

Shiner 5K:
Deanna Ortiz 29:18

Shiner 10K:
Courtney Waldren 56:46, 3rd in age group
Melisa Leal 56:33

Shiner Half Marathon:
Alexander Pasadyn 1:35:24, 2nd in age group
Allison Hall 2:16:21
Anne Hughes 1:36:22, overall masters
Beth Williams 1:58:37
Chris McCaul 1:59:37
Christopher Shelton 2:06:04
Christy Wright 1:58:54
Claudia Becerra 2:30:28
Guy Goodenough 2:27:26
Jan Rothhammer 2:22:43
Jill Gajkowski 1:41:21, 1st in age group
Laura Jones 2:27:14
Liz Krakow 2:22:06
Monique Tenney 1:51:17, 2nd in age group
Morgan Mengini 1:32:02, overall female
Nick Gallardo 2:12:51
Paula McCaul 1:55:55, 2nd in age group
Steve Pina 2:05:37
Tiffany Peters 1:51:18, 3rd in age group

December 8 is the Gazelle Christmas Party!

Whether you've trained with Gilbert's Gazelles in the past or you've just joined us, you are invited to an evening of Christmas cheer and merriment—Gazelle style. The annual Richard Mendez Award will be presented and the 2019 Destination Marathon will be revealed. It’s potluck style and your RSVP is appreciated!

Spring Marathon/Half Training (including Boston) is open for Registration! Training starts December 3rd.

Upcoming Local Races

Member Highlight: Laura Jones

Getting family encouragement at 3M 2018

Getting family encouragement at 3M 2018

What prompted you to join Gazelles and when did you join?
I joined the Gazelles in 2007. I had started running on my own a year or so earlier, and I’d managed to complete a couple of 10Ks and the 3M & Austin half marathons. At that point, I decided to attempt a full marathon but not having a background as a runner, I was pretty sure I was going to hurt myself if I tried to do it on my own. I googled “Austin running group,” and there were really only two in town at that time. I had read an excerpt of Gilbert’s book in Runner’s World, and I liked the description of his approach. I came to a training session and got hooked (but I think I had to take a nap afterwards—I had never worked so hard in my life!)

I joined the group training for Chicago, but I was so green that I didn’t know you had to sign up for a marathon in advance—by the time I got around to registering, of course Chicago was sold out. The only other marathon that same weekend was in Portland, so off to Oregon I went!

Over the years I’ve taken extended breaks for babies and injuries, but I always seem to find my way back...

Which group do you run with?
You’ll find me at the back of the pack on M/W 5:30am.

What's your favorite workout and why? 
I love the mile repeats at Zilker Park...there is something magical and slightly dangerous about running through the woods in the dark. Also fartleks because who doesn’t like a fartlek?

How has Gazelles changed your running/life?
So often in life we like to complain about things, feel put-upon, or aggrieved by someone or something. Running with Gilbert and the Gazelles has taught me so much about finding joy and pleasure in things that are difficult. Not only enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing tough workouts, runs, or races, but enjoying the process as well. It has taught me the beauty of staying mindful and aware of how much we have to be grateful for every day.

Marathon finish in Portland 2007

Marathon finish in Portland 2007

It has also taught me a level of grit and determination that I didn't know that I possessed. If you had told me when I was younger that I would get up at 5:00am on Saturday mornings to run long distances for fun...

What’s your favorite Gilbert-ism or best story about him?
One of the many things I appreciate about Gilbert is that he still tries so hard to get me to improve! I’m kind of terrible at running, even though I love it, and he won’t give up on trying to make me better.

When I was getting started, I didn’t hold my arms properly. I will never forget how startled I was hearing him HOLLER from the other side of the track “LEFT ARM!!! LEFT ARM!!!!”

Each Gazelle featured in the Member Highlight has been selected randomly from our active member list.

Quote of The Week

This week we have multiple quotes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Best leg day ever.
Giving the bird a run for it's money.
Gobble gobble, run & wobble.
I ran, now I eat.
Run now, gobble later.
Run, turkey, run!
Will run for food (and drink).

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