10K Training

This plan can be adapted for several local 10K runs: Cap10k, Longhorn Run, Sunshine Run


Texas' biggest 10K is right here in Austin – the Statesman Cap 10K, April 7, 2019! To prepare for the Cap10K, coach Gilbert has put together a special 12-week program to help you reach your race goal with confidence and strength. Whether it will be your first 10K, or you need to shake up your regular training, running a 10K can be an exciting challenge.


  • Tailored training schedule

  • Core and strength workouts

  • On-site physical therapists to assess injuries

  • Online and local discounts

Training includes two weekday workouts and a Saturday long run. Your distances and intensity will be personalized to your fitness level. Workouts will include hills, circuit training, core training, intervals, tempos, fartlek, pace and long runs.

M/W  5:30am* or 7:00am
T/TH  5:30am**, 7:00am, 8:15am
 or 5:30pm
SAT  5:45am

*Downtown or North Austin (Far West)
**Advanced (this is typically a faster group of runners)

Session Dates: January 14 - April 7, 2019

Duration: 12 weeks

$200 one time payment

An 10K Training Information Session will be held on January 12, 8:30 am at Gazelles HQ/The Loop Running Supply to answer any questions about the program before it begins. Please join us that day to learn more!

CURRENT YOUTH GAZELLES, STUDENTS, MILITARY PERSONNEL AND FAMILIES may receive a discount. Contact us before you register to see if you qualify.

Terms of Recurring Membership: Full payment automatically renews upon the completion of each membership time period. You must cancel at least 10 days before your renewal date to avoid being charged for the next term. Read our Fees and Cancellation Policy.